Renewed Energy: Singer Bucie is back with a bang, shares latest pictures

Singer Bucie is back with a bang

Singer Bucie has been silent since 2021. No posts or opinions on anything whatsoever. Musically she was as quiet as the darkest hour. She took to Facebook to announce she is making a comeback. Bucie announced her return in the most unexpected fashion. She announced coming back with a stunning photoshoot.

Her photoshoot

In her announcement, she chose a very classic and elegant outfit that is trendy and modern. She was wearing black leggings and a blue tulle top with layering at the top.

For her second look, she was sitting on a green couch in a very beautiful landscape. She was wearing a dark green strapless dress. Her dress has layers at the bottom similar to her green top. On her arms, she had on matching classic gloves.

Fans went crazy

Her fans buzzed with excitement in her comment section. Many told Bucie they missed her and they are happy to have her back. Some shared the sentiments they were worried sick about her silence and what caused it. Her fans just can’t wait to hear her music again.

Singer Bucie is back with a bang. Image: Facebook/Bucie
Singer Bucie is back with a bang. Image: Facebook/Bucie

With all the love she got in her comment section. Her connection with her fans deepened. Bucie reciprocated with gratefulness. She thanked her fans for the love they give her and the continuous support.

What happened to her retirement?

In the year 2021 Bucie said she was taking a bow out of the music industry. At the time she recently had a baby and got married. Bucie wanted to take a break from the lights and the action. Music breaks are nothing strange in the entertainment industry.

Singer Bucie is back with a bang. Image: Facebook/Bucie
Singer Bucie is back with a bang. Image: Facebook/Bucie

Is there a space for Bucie in the industry?

Currently, the most popular genre in Mzansi is amapiano. Bucie has made music with various music producers. She has worked with Black Coffee and Black Motion. Her voice is versatile and she can blend in any genre. She does however seem to be going more on the soul side of music.

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