Dr Regina Nesengani Biography, PhD, Husband, Muvhango, Net Worth

Muvhango's Star Actress Vho Masindi Bags A PhD Degree

 Dr. Regina Nesengani Biography, Age, Career, PhD, Husband, Muvhango, Net Worth

The Dr Regina Nesengani Biography

Regina Nesengani is a South African actress popularly known as Vho-Masindi in SABC 2 soap opera ‘Muvhango’. Regina Nesengani was conferred with a PhD degree by the University of South Africa, (UNISA) and she is now a Doctor. She is a true definition of a mother who stands by her family. In the soap opera, she is a selfish, manipulative woman who covers up for her son’s wrongdoings and supports him even on evil plans. Is her character in Muvhango similar to her real-life character? Let’s find out.

Muvhango Actress vho-Masindi Conferred With A PhD Degree


Regina Nesengani Profile Summary

Regina Nesengani Biography, Career, Husband, Muvhango, Net Worth

Real Name: Dr Regina Nesengani

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 06 February 1954

Place of birth:  Gauteng, South Africa

Age:   66 Years

Ethnicity: Black

Nationality: South African

Occupation:  Actress

TV Shows: Muvhango

Net Worth: US$240 000


Where is Regina Nesengani originally from?

Where is  Gabriel Temudzani originally from?

The amazing Regina Nesengani was born on the 6th of February in 1954 in Limpopo, Gauteng province. She hails from the Venda tribe, but she is also fluent in other South African languages such as Zulu and Xhosa. Her appearance in Muvhango for over a decade has earned her respect as one of the older actresses who bring meaning to television productions. Although she might be labeled a bad woman, in real life she is an honest and considerate person.



Which institutions did Regina Nesengani attend?

Regina Nesengani attended a teaching college in Limpopo, Gauteng to earn her teaching diploma. As for acting, she did not attend any institution to be trained. Regina simply discovered her love for acting, and she perfected her craft.

Regina Nesengani recently graduated with a PhD from the University Of South Africa, her dissertation was on gender-based violence and was written in her native TshiVenda language.

Muvhango Actress vho-Masindi Conferred With A PhD Degree

When did Regina Nesengani begin her career?   

When did Regina Nesengani begin her career? 


The lovely Regina Nesengani discovered her love for acting in 1974. She began to pursue acting while she was also teaching at a local school. Regina began doing adverts and stories on radio in 1980 and proceeded to perform at the Market Theatre in 2002. Her big break came when she joined Muvhango in 2008 from its inception.



Regina Nesengani Teaching

Regina Nesengani began teaching in 1975 and retired after 39 years of teaching in 2014. She had already begun acting and doing voice-overs, adverts, and stories on the radio. Regina had a perfect balance acting in Muvhango and teaching as well. She finally retired in 2014 when she turned 60 and began solely pursuing acting.


Which TV shows have Regina Nesengani featured in?

Which TV shows has Regina Nesengani featured in?

On television, Regina Nesengani has only featured in Muvhango since 2008. She has vowed never to leave Muvhango till she dies, and she confessed to not having other plans for other productions. Muvhango made Regina Nesengani a household name as a mother to chief Azwindini, therefore she is comfortable and never wants to leave the show.




In this soap opera, Regina  Rambuda stars as Vho-Masindi, Chief Azwindini’s mother.  She loves her son so much and stands by him even when he is wrong. After she discovered that she was not of royal blood, her son was dethroned, but she vowed to have him reinstated at all means. In real life, older women praise her character but younger women call her character a greedy and selfish woman. Regina has since vowed never to leave Muvhango till she dies, so we will be seeing more of Vho-Masindi.


Social Media

Regina Nesengani is absent on social media. Sources reveal that her absence on social media is to protect herself from cyberbullying as well as protect her family from potential adversaries. Fame has a price to pay, but she tries to exclude her family from the downside of popularity.


Who is Regina Nesengani’s husband?

Who is Regina Nesengani’s husband?

Information pertaining to Regina Nesengani’s marriage and family has been concealed for many years. She is a reputable woman, and she wishes to exclude her family from social scrutiny.

What is Regina Nesengani’s Net worth?

As of  2020, Regina Nesengani has a Net Worth of an estimated US$240 000. Now that she is retired, she earns money mainly from her acting career. Like other celebrities she probably has other sources of income may be in form of a firm or investment.





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