Real Housewives of Durban star Londie London confirms breakup with millionaire husband Hlubi Nkosi

Londie London and Hlubi Nkosi

Londie London is topping the trends after updating a sassy and confusing Instagram story. Taking to Instagram, Londie confirmed that she had parted ways with her husband, Hlubi Nkosi, the father of her two children. She also advises gossip mongers who were giving her updates about Hlubi that they are no longer together, so they should stop giving her unnecessary information.

Londie London
Londie London: Image source @Instagram

Londie London confirms breakup with husband Hlubi Nkosi

When Londie London was pregnant, rumours made rounds on social media that her husband was cheating on her. Londie gave a deaf ear to the rumours and kept her cool, leaving Mzansi wondering if the rumours were true or not. She throws a baby shower which many judged to be underwhelming for a rich person.
Londie’s baby shower was of low class, which confirmed that she had broken up with her millionaire baby daddy, who funded her expensive lifestyle.

Londie London and Hlubi Nkosi
Londie London and Hlubi Nkosi: Image source @Instagram

A few months after Londie London’s baby shower, gossip blogger Musa Khawula disclosed that Hlubi Nkosi was cheating. The couple were alleged to have separated, and Hlubi moved out of their mega mansion in Duban.

Since Londie no longer has a rich husband to fund her lavish lifestyle, she is now a full-time entertainer and entrepreneur. She is set to host the country’s first-ever Evolve Festival on the 12th of November, 2022.

Mzansi reacts to Londie London’s break up with her husband, Hlubi Nkosi

After the celebrated actress and singer shared that she had parted ways with her millionaire husband, Mzansi reacted. Londie’s husband was loaded and would spoil his wife with lavish gifts, from million-dollar cars to vacations. Many sympathised with her as they were worried about her upkeep. Will she be able to maintain the expensive lifestyle she is used to?

Londie London and Hlubi Nkosi
Londie London and Hlubi Nkosi: Ijmage source @Instagram

She was living the first-class lifestyle, resulting in her joining the Real Housewife of Durban, where influential female stars show off their wealthy lives. Londie would display her rich life on the Real Housewives of Durban and brag about her husband treats her like a queen. Her American dream life has ended after confirming that the two are no longer staying together.

In other news, it is reported that Londie London is said to have dragged her now ex-husband Hlubi Nkosi to court so he would pay monthly maintenance for his two kids.

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