Queen of Dance Challenges: Bontle Modiselle impresses Mzansi with her Salary challenge

Bontle Modiselle Salary challenge-Image Source(Instagram/Bontle Modiselle)

Queen of Dance Challenges, Bontle Modiselle impresses Mzansi with her Salary challenge

Usually, when a dance challenge is started, many people pester Bontle Modiselle to post a video. These days the dancer’s Instagram content has been dance videos at her new dance studio. While the challenge is still hot Bontle has tried the famous Salary dance challenge by Robot Boii.

Taking to her Instagram the middle Modiselle sister who is known for her killer dance moves shared a video with two of her dancers. They were doing the hard Salary challenge which was started by break-dancing star Robot Boii. The three are in the studio and freestyle a little on the dance choreography to add their mood to it.

Many people have applauded the trio as they are one of the few people to nail the challenge. Robot Boii is in the comment section and he has given his stamp of approval. He even joked that the three Robotos in the chorus are well represented. Other celebrities commented with fire emojis and some fans are claiming that the challenge should be closed already.

Bontle Modiselle impresses Mzansi with Salary Challenge

Bontle Modiselle dancing-Image Source(Instagram/Bontle Modiselle)

When the song Salary Salary came out, Robot Boii who is a dancer himself started a challenge on his page. This had a lot of fans and dancers trying the challenge for themselves. Among the famous people who tried are Lady Amar, Thobeka Majozi and part of Durban Gen’s cast members. All of them failed dismally and had their fans laughing with them on their bad dance moves.

Bontle may actuallly be the first celebrity to nail the challenge to the t. This however does not come as a shock to many people as she has a good track record when it comes to trying out Tik Tok challenges.

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