Prince Phumi ‘Bab Moyeni’from Durban Gen business empire and humble beginnings revealed

Prince Phumi

South African actor Prince Phumi has been making waves on Television with his controversial role-playing Bab Moyeni’ in Durban Gen. He went from being the man that young girls looked up to to the perpetrator of rape allegations in a young girl’s life. Prince Puma, the actor that takes on the role of Bab Moyeni,’ has an impressive business empire and humble beginnings that inspire people.

Prince Phuma as Bab Moyeni in Durban Gen

The actor debuted his character in the extension of the show’s second season and has earned the most hated man onscreen because of it. He was the mentor to many young girls who wanted to be initiated as sangomas. However, when Mbali’s initiation ceremony was struck by lightning, and some initiates ended up in the hospital, secrets began to emerge.

Prince Phumi in Durban Gen-Image Source(Instagram/Durban Gen)

Zinhle, one of the initiates, started asking nurses for weird things like an HIV test and PEP for future prevention. This raised eyebrows, and Mbali was shown that Bab Moyeni was sexually assaulting the girls he was initiating. She reported this to the police leading to the man shooting himself with Sibiya’s gun.

He was a security guard before his acting career.

In real life, Prince Phuma is of royal blood hence his name, Prince, as he is related to the Zulu royal family because of his mother. The actor had always wanted to be an entertainer, but when work was not easy to come by, he almost gave up. He even took on work as a security guard when hope became weary, and he had no idea if he would ever see his dreams coming to life.

How Phumi started acting

Prince Phumi-Image Source(Instagram/Durban Gen)

His saving grace came when Prince auditioned for a role in Rhythm City, playing a role of part of Suffocate’s gang. His minor role opened doors for his career as he landed roles in shows like Generations The Legacy, Savage Beauty, Queen Sono and many others. Prince also did a short course in acting to sharpen his skills when he saw that his career was taking off nicely.

The actor recently landed a role in eTV’s The Black Door through online video auditions submitted during the pandemic. He has since cemented his name and talent in the eyes of production companies and is enjoying his time as an actor. From being a security guard to providing for his family to doing what he loves and still being able to take care of his family, it is a dream come true for the actor, and he hopes more roles are coming his way.

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