Sithelo Shozi buys 2022 Range Rover Defender worth R 1,4 million

Sithelo standing next to her new car

Sithelo Shozi purchased herself the 2022 Range Rover Defender worth R 1,4 million. She shared numerous photos of herself next to the car and a video of herself going to collect the defender. Her new set of wheels is in a matte black colour, and she complimented the shade with a black Louis Vuitton outfit. After Sithelo shared the content of her latest vehicle purchase, Mzansi went crazy on social media. Many of her fans sent congratulatory messages and reposted the content on their social media stories.

Sithelo purchases new car
Sithelo purchases a new car. Image source: Instagram/Sithelo Shozi

Cheeky caption

When Sithelo shared photos of her new wheels, she captioned them with the words, “Kuya’ Kanye West,” meaning there is light in her life. Previously Sithelo has repeatedly expressed that she has a massive crush on the U.S.rapper Kanye West. The car looks like a Kanye-inspired car with colour and futuristic features. In December 2021, after Andile wedded his wife Tamia Mpisane, Sithelo said, ” Kusazo’ Kanye West,” meaning light is coming. Sithelo was heartbroken, and she left social media for a few weeks but knew the light was coming and she would be happy again.

Sithelo's new car
Sithelo’s new car. Image: Instagram/ Sithelo Shozi

Sithelo’s sudden rich lifestyle

Sithelo  returned from Turkey a few weeks ago after undergoing numerous plastic surgery procedures. She had dental surgery, liposuction, a Brazilian butt lift, and a chest region enhancement.
Sithelo has been a lover of luxury brands for years but has also upgraded her closet to more luxury brands. Her trip to Turkey was luxurious as she flew business class and stayed in a 5-star hotel after the procedures were done. Sithelo has been sharing snaps of herself purchasing Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang, Christian Dior, Jimmy Choo heels, and some Gucci items.
Regarding what she posts on social media, there isn’t a significant change in her career life. Suddenly, however, she can now afford all these luxuries mysteriously.

Sithelo buys new car
Sithelo buys a new car. Image: Instagram/Sithelo Shozi

The new body, the new Sithelo

Sithelo’s car purchase, surgery, and wardrobe are a few parts of her journey in reinvention; she also has a new circle of friends who are living lavish lives just like hers. She is spotted with the Club X owner Tebogo Thobejane and the socialites Phuthi Phala and Thato M. Previously, Sithelo was not a person who spent a lot of time with friends.

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