Pictures: Shoki from House of Zwide “Shalate Sekhabi” celebrates birthday with a pink photoshoot, her young age and accomplishments amaze Mzansi

Shoki from House of Zwide "Shalate Sekhabi" celebrates birthday

Shalate Sekhabi, who plays the role of Shoki on House Of Zwide, is celebrating her 22nd birthday this year, and she celebrated it with a pink photoshoot. As usual, she likes natural hairstyles with natural hair or braid extensions, and her birthday shoot was no different. She had on beautiful braids with braid jewellery and her signature makeup which is very simple and doesn’t take away from her natural beauty.

The actress had on a pink outfit made out of faux leather with a strapless and beautiful pink feather detailing. The backdrop of the entire shoot is also pink, making it look like a beautiful pink Friday.

On TikTok, she posted a video of herself singing a song with the lyrics, “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22.” She is very excited about reaching this age as it’s a sign of growth and maturity. Either that, she is currently at a stage in her life where she is accomplishing milestones. At 22, she is now a household brand and one of the most prominent faces on prime TV.

After so much time trying, she landed herself or role on a very prominent show. What makes her character more adorable is that she started the show and made an excellent impression during its inception. As she grows, she can only get to the top now, and South Africans realise day by day that she is a brilliant actress. On some episodes of House Of Zwide, Mzansi goes on social media to talk about the intensity of her deliverance when she’s acting.

Shoki from House of Zwide “Shalate Sekhabi” celebrates her birthday. Image: Instagram/Shalate Sekhabi

Currently, the character Shoki is juggling both of her worlds. One part of her life is with her sister Nomsa and cousin Soka, her only two family members. One aspect of her life is with her boyfriend, Nkosi. They love each other immensely, but the relationship has been through too much drama for a young couple.

Her character is adjusting to being a stepmother whilst also struggling to keep her boyfriend’s baby mama away from him. Every week seems like it comes with a new challenge for her, but that’s a good thing as she gets to showcase how dedicated and gifted she is.

She is making it big now and has accumulated quite the fan base. Not only is she excelling in front of acting, but she is also dedicated some of her life to singing. We can only expect greatness when a celebrity is as multifaceted as this. Especially when someone is so talented, she can be the best of both worlds.

Did you know Shalate Sekhabi who plays Shoki is the child of famous director Audrey Sekhabi? Image: Instagram/Shalate Sekhabi

Many people don’t know about the actress as she is still in university pursuing studies in drama and film. Right now, she’s just come back from her holiday break at university, and she’s studying again. She’s very hard-working and invites her fans into her journey as both an actress and a student. One thing about the actress is she’s very relatable, and she doesn’t lie and says she’s finding it easy juggling school and work; she’s frank about it.

Sometimes she lets her fans in on how hard it is and how sometimes she feels like giving up. She was born with determination as she keeps persisting no matter how much she can express she’s struggling. The way her life is set up right now, many of her fans anticipate more success from her. We can never forget how she started as virtually nobody but is now such a recognisable figure.

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