Pictures: Inside Real Housewives of Durban star Sorisha Naidoo’s Dubai birthday celebrations

Sorisha celebrated with her entire family. Image: IG/Sorisha Naidoo

Real Housewives of Durban star Sorisha Naidoo is in Dubai for her birthday celebration. She took along her husband, Vivian Reddy, and some of their family members. Firstly, Sorisha looks more radiant than ever. Secondly, her body looks very slim. She is exploring the luxury of the Emirates to the fullest.

When Sorisha was in RHOD, it was clear she was the season’s most affluent housewife; most importantly, she was dubbed the Queen of soft life by the viewers. Moreover, many of the fans of the show accused cast members of trying too hard to befriend Sorisha for her money.

Sorisha, Vivian and their two children
Sorisha, Vivian and their two children. Image: IG/ Sorisha Naidoo

Sorisha’s birthday in Dubai

Sorisha’s birthday celebration in Dubai started this morning. She and her family went to a luxury restaurant and enjoyed birthday cake for breakfast. Her family was wearing matching t-shirts for her birthday, and she was in a light, flowy outfit.

She spends her days in Dubai at the Raffles The Palm Dubai 5-star hotel. The hotel is situated in West Cresent Palms Jumeriah. According to the hotel’s website, a single room costs over R 9000 for a single night. Since Sorisha is travelling with her husband and family members, they could be spending R 150 000 on accommodation.

Sorisha is enjoying her time in the hotel. Upon her arrival, she was wearing a crop top and white pants. She is approaching her late 40s, but her body looks like she is still in her 20s. Since she is a former beauty queen, her radiance seems timeless.

Sorisha celebrating with her entire family.
Sorisha celebrated with her entire family. Image: IG/Sorisha Naidoo

RHOD cast members show some love

Some of her cast members from Real Housewives of Durnan showed her some love in the comments. Stars like Anne Ludick, Jojo Robinson and Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleku commented with positive emojis. When the show was airing on Showmax, all these ladies were closer to Sorisha than the rest.

Sorisha outside the hotel
Sorisha outside the hotel. Image: IG/Sorisha Naidoo

Fun activities in Dubai

Firstly, Sorisha has been on a desert tour, a must when visiting Dubai. She took to Instagram to complain about the sound dunes and how they sound. Since Sorisha’s Dubai birthday celebration is a family affair, they do everything together. Last night, they watched a live show of belly dancers and cheered them on.
Secondly, she explored Dubai’s flavours by trying various flavours from the country. Sorisha’s birthday celebration in Dubai would be incomplete without shopping as a woman with expensive taste. She bought some Dior, some Gucci and luxury fragrances.

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