Pictures: Glitz and glamour as Shauwn Mkhize decorates her mansion for Christmas

Shauwn Mkhize decorates her mansion for Christmas

Shawn Mkhize has turned her mansion into a white Christmas wonderland. Decorating her mansion has become a tradition during this time of every year. Her social media followers look forward to different designs, and this year, she opted for something different.

Mam’Khize is one person who knows how to make and spend her money; she lives a very lavish lifestyle many envies and wish for themselves. Shauwn Mkhize resides in a mansion, drives the most expensive cars, wears the most expensive brands and has over the top celebrations.

Last night, she shared a video of herself strolling down her staircase draped in silk pyjamas and carrying a long glass of red wine in her newly decorated mansion for the Christmas season.

Shauwn Mkhize Christmas decoration
Shauwn Mkhize’s Christmas decoration. Source – Instagram

She said she wanted a white Christmas this year; she used a faux fur rug under three Christmas trees stained with white on the branches to give the illusion of snow falling on them. Mam’Khize’s three giant Christmas trees have white and silver decorations to enhance the snow theme. A lavish crystal chandelier above the three trees sparkles like pure diamonds. Her home’s Christmas decorations did not end there; the handrails of the stairs have Christmas tree branches with minimal decorations leading to the three main trees. The mansion is adorned with led Christmas lights everywhere, making the place look like a scene from a fantasy Christmas movie.

Shauwn Mkhize in her house
Shauwn Mkhize in her mansion

The businesswoman says she feels the decorations aren’t enough, and she might be adding balls dropping from the ceiling, so it looks more extravagant than it does now. Christmas is important to Shauwn Mkhize; it’s a family tradition continuing from childhood to adult life.

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Mkhize and her son Andile Mpisane have enjoyed a successful year that saw them buy the Premier Soccer League status of Bloemfontein Celtic to enable their team Royal AM to compete in the top flight. The debutants comfortably sit third from the top, nine points behind champions Mamelodi Sundowns.

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She was recently featured on the cover of Magazine True Love together with Andile and her granddaughter. 2021 has been great at KwaMamMkhize! We look forward to a drama-filled 2022.

Watch the video for Shauwn Mkhize’s Christmas decoration below:

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