“Can this nonsense stop now!” Pearl Thusi breaks silence about relationship with DJ Zinhle as rumours of grudges make rounds

Pearl Thusi breaks silence about relationship with DJ Zinhle as rumours of grudges make rounds

Fans have been zooming in on Pearl Thusi and DJ Zinhle for months now. These two are besties, and they spend their time together so much that, at some point, people think they are romantically involved.

At the beginning of the year, the duo attended the funeral of Ricky Rick, and fans started noticing a change in their behaviour towards each other. Fans said DJ Zinhle shared pictures with everyone by Pearl Thusi.

They also noticed that when she was recently on her trip to Paris with her boyfriend Murda Bongz, Pearl commented how dope the two were, and DJ Zinhle ghosted the comment, which made the actress remove it.

Their followers kept bringing evidence that these two were no longer in the same camp.

DJ Zinhle and Pearl Thusi
DJ Zinhle and Pearl Thusi: Image source @Instagram

Thusi shared pictures hanging out with Nadia Nakai, AKA’s new girlfriend, and AKA is DJ Zinhle’s ex and baby daddy. Zinhle and AKA share a beautiful co-parenting existence, but Pearl hanging with Nakai was proof that The DJ and the former Metro FM presenter are no longer on good terms with one another.

Pearl has finally broken her silence on this matter because it has been everywhere.

“Guys- Zee and I are still very much friends.
Can this nonsense stop now 🙄”

DJ Zinhle, whose real name is Ntombezihle Jiyane, has been called out by the public for her careless behaviour towards her friend, and she is seen as the villain in this saga. She trended for days after wishing AKA a happy father’s day, and fans think she is still in love with the Champion singer.

DJ Zinhle and friend Pearl Thusi
DJ Zinhle and friend Pearl Thusi. Image: Instagram

She again had to try and detain a situation that was getting out of control.
Jiyane told trolls to keep talking about her because no one was talking about them.

Zinhle shared pictures of herself with Moozlee on vacation and caused fans to lose their minds as confirmation that she no longer rides it dies with The Black Pearl.

Meanwhile, the Umlilo hitmaker has been nominated for a SAFTA award for her reality show “The Unexpected”, and Pearl Thusi got snubbed for Fists of Vengeance at the BET awards.

Pearl Thusi was seen as giving up on her relationship with Zinhle a few days ago when she shared a quote about friends who don’t support one another. This was seen as an indirect message to the DJ.

Now Pearl feels that she has had enough.

The Fists of Vengeance star took to her social media to stop the whole thing. Let’s see how the week develops around these two.

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