Passion Java shows off expensive car collection with new additions, gets compared to Ginimbi

Passion Java and Ginimbi car collections

Zimbabwean socialite Passion Java is well known for showing off his flamboyant lifestyle and bragging to the masses. This time it’s no different as he showed off his car collection with four cars. However, his attempt at showing off only got him attacked by the masses rather than the praise he expected. Passion Java’s bragging only made people compare him with the late Ginimbi

A look at Passion Java’s car collection

Passion Java took to his Facebook to brag to his followers like he always does, showing off his car collection. In his caption, he states that no one ever became a millionaire through a salary. He goes on to urge his fans to be innovative. His car collection comprised only four luxury vehicles, and he was playing around with his cars in the photo. There are all luxury brands from Lamborghini, Range Rover and BMW that are worth at least a million dollars altogether.

Passion Java car collections
Passion Java car collections-Image Source(Instagram)

To say that he faced backlash is an understatement, as most people came guns blazing to attack him. Some of his fans who praised him were accused of sucking up to him, hoping to be given change. Many comments were on the negative side of things. Others told him he should share how he got the money by stealing from people. Some also accused him of using black magic to get wealthy. He has been charged with allegedly using artists signed under his label to get himself richer.

Passion Java’s car collection compared to the late Ginimbi

Passion Java and Ginimbi car collections
Passion Java and Ginimbi car collections-Image Source(Instagram)

Fans have told him to stay humble in the middle of all the backlash as his car collection in 2022 is still smaller than Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure’s in 2020. after Zim Celebs shared the picture and asked who the king of car collections was, many people found it funny that Ginimbi would be compared to Java. According to many comments, Ginimbi still intimidates Passion Java even in death. One Instagram user commented:

Musafananidza Ginimbi nezvinhu zvisina basa

This statement means people should not compare Ginimbi with useless things. Many people agreed with his sentiments.

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