Ntokozo vs Cebo: Who boasts a better profile between Gomora’s Ntobeko Sishi and The Queen’s Nthobeko Mathebula?

Ntokozo vs Cebo: Who boasts a better profile between Gomora's Ntobeko Sishi and The Queen's Nthobeko Mathebula?

Profile comparisons have since grown strong between two handsome actors Gomora’s Ntokozo ‘Ntobeko Sishi‘ and The Queen’s Cebo ‘Nthobeko Mathebhula. Despite having the same name, the young stars are arguably the typical gentleman in each of their shows. Ntokozo and Cebo were brought in without screen experience, and they have since become fan favourites on Gomora and The Queen, respectively.

This is a close contest to get the best actor as Gomora fans would tip Ntokozo as the best, with The Queen fans doing the same. Here is an on and off-the-screen analysis of their personal life and career profiles. Which one is the best among the two Ntobekos?

Ntokozo vs Cebo: Who boasts a better profile between Gomora's Ntobeko Sishi and The Queen's Nthobeko Mathebula?
Nthobeko Mathebula – Image Credit: instagram.com/wallsofjericho_23/

Profile comparisons between Gomora’s Ntokozo ‘Ntobeko Sishi’ and The Queen’s Cebo ‘Ntobeko Mathebula’

Screen roles (Gomora and The Queen)

On Gomora, Ntokozo ‘Ntobeko Sishi’ is a calm but hard young man who doesn’t fear engaging in a fight. Ntokozodoes is the natural son of his father, Melusi, who always had a way of attracting trouble despite having a good heart. After failing his Matric at Gomora High, Ntokozo became an idle young man, but he always finds himself attracting street attention. He became the hero after assisting and abducting Gugu ‘Velile Makhoba’ from Qhoqhoqho’s teeth. Since then, Ntokozo has been quiet as he awaits his following action.

On the other leg, Cebo is one of Brutus’ four sons, alongside Mlungisi ‘Siphesihle Vazi’, Nkosiyabo ‘Craig Nobela’, and Bhambata ‘Khumbuza Meyiwa’. Cebo is the most intelligent among the four brothers, and he is the one Brutus trusts with his money. Cebo has also managed to win the heart of his aunt Harriet. Unfortunately, his plan with Olerato did not work, and he lost the family’s trust.

Despite going through the same theatre-acting route, Ntokozo’s breakthrough came in 2022. Ntokozo’s debut is almost two years before Cebo’s 2022 debut on The Queen.

Who boasts a better profile between Gomora's Ntobeko Sishi and The Queen's Nthobeko Mathebula?
Ntobeko Sishi – Image Credit: instagram.com/sishiiofficial/


Likewise, Gomora’s Ntokozo is almost two years older than The Queen’s Cebo. Ntobeko Sishi was born in 1998 compared to Mathebula in 2000.

Academic Qualifications

Gomora’s Ntokozo is an educated actor with two degrees to his name. He graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Capetown. He later graduated with a post-grad Diploma in Management, Entrepreneurship Studies (UCT).

After finishing High school in Soweto, Cebo did not further his studies to the levels Ntokozo reached. He studied a short course at the Jourbug Market Theatre, where he got his skills.

Social Media Following

Once again, Ntobeko Sishi os Gomora boasts a more significant following on Instagram with 546 thousand followers. On the other hand, Ntobeko Mathebula of The Queen has 13.2k.

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