Nota on Cassper Nyovest: He did not buy the McLaren, he is an unpaid luxury car influencer

Nota on Cassper Nyovest: He can’t afford a McLaren

The self-proclaimed music mogul Nota went on his podcast to blast the rapper Cassper Nyovest on how he speculates he got the new shiny black McLaren car.

Cassper Nyovest’s McLaren

On the 15th of December, the rapper Cassper Nyovest showed his followers his brand new purchase, a McLaren luxury car. The fill-up the dome superstar wrote that his business interests, the Family Tree record label and Drip Footwear enabled him to buy himself the vehicle and that the McLaren car is a birthday gift to himself. Cassper says he was not born rich but persevered and persisted in being today’s success. Fans congratulated Cassper on his new car and previous achievements. They also reminded him he serves as an inspiration to many young people.

Cassper Nyovest's McLaren
Cassper Nyovest’s McLaren

Nota claims Cassper Nyovest did not buy the McLaren.

Nota knows about the South African entertainment industry in and out. Nota claims that currently, Cassper cannot afford to purchase himself a McLaren. His reason is that Cassper creates too much hype around his endorsements to make them look like they are worth more than they are. Nota says that Cassper’s Play energy drink and Samsung deals were merely influencer packages to increase sales from his fan base. The energy drink and cellphone companies did not create anything new with Cassper, meaning he got a long term stipend from the two companies.

Nota claims that the dealership Cassper bought his McLaren, Dayton Motors, engaged car influencers such as Cassper Nyovest, Black Coffee, Euphonik and many more to promote their dealership. Hence, it looks like South Africa’s most prominent stars trust it. Nota also called Cassper a show-off, saying Cassper can rent a luxury car for an entire month to show off. The public was outraged, calling Nota a jealous man and telling him that Cassper would drive the vehicle despite his opinions on how he got it.

Nota do not believe Cassper is rich enough to purchase the McLaren when Cassper says his hard work helped him buy the vehicle. One of them could be right; one of them could be telling the truth.

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