No love lost: Watch Gomora actors Sizwe ‘Ayanda Daweti’ and Gugu ‘Velile Makhoba’s intimate moments ends with a visit to Dawn Thandeka King’s family

Gomora actors Sizwe 'Ayanda Daweti' and Gugu 'Velile Makhoba' real-life intimate moments ends with a visit to Dawn Thandeka King's family-min

Former Gomora actress Gugu ‘Velile Makhoba’ and Sizwe ‘Ayanda Daweti’s visit to DiepCity actress Dawn Thandeka King’s family impressed Mzansi. After she left Gomora, Gugu had been busy with her choreography work and she looked more focused than ever before. She performed several times, showing that she is a multitalented young girl. Despite having such a tight schedule, Gugu made sure to continue bonding and spending quality time with her on and offset friend, Sizwe.

After Velile left Gomora a few weeks ago, it seemed her journey was over, but Gomora is proving to be a family on and off set. On set, Sizwe and Gugu were close friends, and it seemed that bred a genuine friendship in real life. Gugu and Sizwe appear more closely in real life than they are portrayed on Gomora. While spending quality time together, the young stars made sure to pass by and have some time with DiepCity actress Dawn Thandeka King. Many fans suggested that Velile and Ayanda are in a relationship, but it remained unconfirmed. All we know is that, there is no love lost between Gugu and Sizwe.

Ayanda Daweti, Velile Makhoba and Dawn Thandeka King’s family – Image Credit:

Gomora actors Sizwe ‘Ayanda Daweti’ and Gugu ‘Velile Makhoba’ shares intimate moments offset

On Gomora, Sizwe and Gugu joined simultaneously as close friends. Sizwe had escorted Gugu to Gomora seeking his father Phumulani, and he got involved with Gomora’s most prominent criminal, Qhoqhoqho. Despite associating with extreme enermies like Mam Sonto and Qhoqhoqho, Sizwe and Gugu never lost their friendship. It seemed that events made them even closer, but they never got the chance to be in love.

Like never expected, Sizwe and Gugu’s friendship in real life is even more profound than what we know from Gomora. It seemed that the two actors could not manage to go weeks without spending time together. After Gugu left Gomora, Sizwe took her for a road trip, and they shared serious vibes leaving fans thinking they were in love. They later went on to visit fellow Gomora actor Mlungisi Duncan who happens to be Dawn Thandeka King’s husband.

Watch Gomora actors Sizwe and Gugu visit Dawn Thandeka King’s family in real life

Sizwe ‘Ayanda Daweti’ after Gugu left Gomora and Qhoqhoqho’s death.

Sizwe became Qhoqhoqho’s right-hand man, and he lived with him at the hostel. That means he would get everything he wanted from Qhoqhoqho without much struggle. Things changed when Gugu went back home to KZN and Qhoqhoqho dead. Sizwe was left hopeless without anywhere to stay until he got help from Qhoqhoqho’s ex-wife Tiny. Tiny took him in as her son, arranged for him to return to school, and now Sizwe is a full-time student at Gomora High.

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