Ngizwe Mchunu’s presser interrupted by EFF supporters

Ngizwe Mchunu

Ngizwe Mchunu, a former Ukhozi FM radio host and self-styled President of the Bhinca Nation, faced a major setback when his live Facebook broadcast was disrupted on Tuesday. Mchunu had planned to deliver his address for his Bhinca Nation on Tuesday at 10:00 am at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, KwaZulu Natal, but he was blocked by armed police and security officers as he tried to enter the stadium. To make matters worse, a video surfaced showing what appeared to be members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) storming his media briefing at a private venue, where they knocked down cameras and tables live on his Facebook Page called Ngizwe Online. Mchunu is seen fighting back by slapping one of the four men who invaded the briefing. Another man can be seen wielding a machete and threatening to chop Mchunu.

A source who was present at the briefing at the Onomo Hotel in Durban told this publication that the red berets were fortunate that Mchunu was not accompanied by his people who carry guns. “It would have been a bloodbath as EFF people arrived in four minibus taxis. This is getting out of control because those EFF supporters snatched Ngizwe’s phone,” the source said. The source also said that another scuffle erupted outside the hotel. “They were separated by security. Those people in four minibus taxis had pangas and machetes. They had been searching for Ngizwe all of yesterday,” the source said.

Police case

This incident comes shortly after Mchunu apologised formally for the comments he made about EFF leader Julius Malema on December 23, 2023. In a video that went viral on social media, Mchunu uttered what was deemed to be tribalistic remarks. Mchunu had said that Malema and the EFF would not be welcome in KZN for their manifesto launch next month, as he was the gatekeeper of the province. He said Malema should launch his party manifesto in Limpopo, where his ancestors would listen to him. “You can only bring Shangane people here, no Zulu person will attend his event at Moses Mabhida stadium, Mchunu said then.

Earlier this month, Mchunu made a shocking statement when he swore on his late parents’ graves that Malema would never step foot at the Moses Mabhida Stadium during his media briefing that took place at KwaMai Mai in the Johannesburg CBD. Mchunu could not be reached for comment, as his phone was unanswered and later switched to voicemail. Mchunu opened an assault case against his assailants at the Durban Central Police Station

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