Next on Skeem Saam Episode 116 Monday 13 December: Is Nurse Anelisa dead or alive?

Next on Skeem Saam Episode 116 Monday 13 December: Is Nurse Anelisa dead or alive?

Skeem Saam Episode 116 Monday 13 December

In the wake of Fannie’s death, Lehasa has been a busy man trying to destroy any evidence linking him to the murder case he orchestrated.

He has managed to erase the computers cloud and cellphone data from his IT specialist and is digging deep into his pocket so that he won’t be implicated in the equation. Lehasa is now going after Anelisa to make sure that hospital personals don’t have any incriminating evidence against him.

As ruthless as he is, he has made it known to Anelisa that he will go after her if he gets implicated in the murder case. He is after the CCTV footage from the hospital to make sure that he was not captured whilst taking the life of Fannie.

Scenes of Fannie's funeral service (Source Instagram)
Scenes of Fannie’s funeral service (Source Instagram)

Where did Nurse Anelisa disappear to?

Anelisa told Khwezi, her long lost friend, that she was in trouble and Lehasa was haunting her. Khwezi invited Anelisa to her place to have a catch-up, but Anelisa got the surprise of her life when she realized that Lehasa was Khwezi’s man. She is absent from work, and we can’t connect the dots about her whereabouts. Does Lehasa have a hand in her disappearance?

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What to expect on Skeem Saam Episode 116 Monday 13 December

Will Eunice accept Emkay’s offer?

Emkay informs Eunice about Fannie’s crypto money and asks her if she is willing to take it. On the other hand, Kgosi finds it hard to work with Eunice after he fired her but later saw her coming back to work after Lehasa called her back. However, as if that’s enough, he has been tasked to keep an eye on her and to be Lehasa’s eyes and ears when it comes to Eunice business. For a moment, it seems as if Kgosi is ignoring his feelings for her.

Is Ntate Maputla dead or alive?

Skeem Saam actor Ntate Maputla ( Source Instagram)
Skeem Saam actor Ntate Maputla (Source Instagram)

Kwaito tries to check for Ntate Maputla and finds him unconscious on the floor. He panics and rushes him to the hospital. In the wake of his collapses, he finds himself in an unfamiliar place and reality strikes.

Charlie wants more from the business.

On the other side of town, Charlie is tired of being a supermarket keeper wants a share of the business through partnership. It seems as if his obsession with the late Ben comes from the supermarket. Well, Charlie is bitter and can’t afford to see Alfios winning big.

Police pay a visit to Alfred

Police questions Alfred about the tender he managed to secure.


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