Next on Muvhango: Thursday 16, December 2021: Gugu protects Vhustsilo

Next on Muvhango Episode 3969 Wednesday 15 December 2021

Next on Muvhango: Episode 3970 – Thursday 16, December 2021: Gugu protects Vhustsilo

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The drama continues in the land of the Royals in Muvhango. Gugu and Azwindini play a dangerous game as they are almost caught cosying up to one another by Susan.

Belinda had finally gotten the message from Teboho loud and clear, and she is terrified, and Mulalos attempts to win her back land on deaf ears. Vhutshilo is going through a financial crisis, and he is as desperate as they come.

What’s Next on Muvhango: Gugu protects Vhustsilo

Vhutshilo can’t seem to stay clear of trouble, and Gugu now finds herself having to play defender. The question is, what on earth is Vhutshilo doing, though. Gugu needs to be careful with him. I mean, look at the lengths he goes to. He stole her engagement ring. I mean, really. She has embroiled herself in a messy situation. On top of having an affair with Vhutsthilo and Bafuwi, how much can one person take? JA! Imani reveals a skill that Mpho admires so much.

Muvhango actor Gizara 'David Sebe'
Muvhango actor Gizara ‘David Sebe’ (Source Instagram)

Imani shows off her maternal side, and Mpho is there for all of it. We all know what Mpho has gone through recently, right. She suffered the worst thing anyone could endure. She lost her child. She was expecting a child with Tenda Mudzhimu, and after her delivery, she was told the baby had died. We now know that the baby is very much alive but let’s not go there. She has been going through the most trying to come to terms with her loss and, at one point, nearly lost her mind. She finds Imanis nurturing skill admirable and impressive, and you know what. It’s understandable.

Hangwani’s might have gone too far

Hangwani is trying too hard, and this is proving to be. Well, too much. This all started with the article Shaz read out to her about a chain of restaurants shut down after inspection. Hangwani has now activated survival mode but might have overdone it in the name of impressing. All I am saying is there is nothing wrong with fighting for what is yours and what you have worked so hard to achieve as she has. Maybe she is going too far, but who wouldn’t, I guess. I hope she hasn’t gone and lost Dukathole, for real.

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