Next on Generations The Legacy: 8 Sep 2022: Mazwi drops a bomb and proposes marriage to Fikile

Fikile has bad news for Ayanda tonight

Mazwi drops a bomb and proposes marriage to Fikile and the competition is on between Mrekza and Lucy on Generations The Legacy tonight.

Let’s recap previous episodes

A few nights ago Pamela Khoza and Lelethu were caught in a very difficult position where they had to compete for an article of a lifetime.

This made them run after the same client Esmeralda who raised the stakes and created a competition for the two to find a man she has been looking for.

Esmeralda is looking for a freelance photographer called Jacob Daniels who disappeared 15 years ago.
She said the first one to find him would write a piece on her.

Lelethu Hhired Mrekza while Pam went for Lucy and now the competition is on. Lucy takes things too far as usual.
She played dirty and pretended to be Lelethu’s assistant to get information and sabotage his investigation.

Kabisi’s life has become more difficult and it’s about to get worse. His selfishness has caught up with him, after the whole Ezweni take-over failed dismally he finds himself lost and confused and what’s worse Mazwi is about to leave him alone to go live with Fikile. Things are not looking good for the old man and he brought it all on himself.

Fikile drops a bomb on Ayanda about her plans for the future.

Mazwi moving in with Fikile creates a serious rift between Ayanda and Fikile. The two ladies are in the middle of developing their own advertising agency and this could destroy those plans completely. Fikile has decided not to leave Moroka Media and gets into a fight with Ayanda.

Mazwi thinks Kabisi should go relax in Rustenburg
Mazwi thinks Kabisi should go relax in Rustenburg. Image: Twitter/Generations

Mpho takes matters into his own hands after the shootings. He has been feeling guilty about what happened because he was supposed to be in the car with the guys and he feels a need to get justice for them.

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Mazwi is going to make some sort of a proposal to Fikile. Mazwi has been feeling the loss of Fikile both in the bedroom and in the boardroom. A few nights ago, Tracy reminded him 8f the value that Fikile is and the gap she has left. Has Mazwi decided to lock her for good? That would mean Ayanda would have to go ask for her job back, tail between her legs and all.

The competition gets even dirtier

Lucy and Mrekza take things too far and they are still going at it. On Wednesday, Lucy took a shot and played her cards and now it’s Mrekza’s turn. Mrekza is going to steal from Lucy just to win. Pamela and Lelethu may have unleashed a deeper and more serious problem that will not get solved here.

Dali is given a stern warning he can’t ignore by the Commander.

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