‘My father was the Dr Dhlomo of my mother’s life’ Nyaniso Dzedze shares how his role in Durban Gen triggered childhood memories

Veteran actor Nyaniso Dzedze has been one of the most talked about actors over the past few days because of his role in Durban Gen. The actor’s role as Dr Dhlomo sheds light on one of the most talked about issues in South Africa which is Gender-Based Violence, because of his character’s abusive nature. After Dr Dhlomo was killed off, Nyaniso Dzedze opened up on social media about how playing the role triggered bad childhood memories for him.

Nyaniso Dzedze as abusive Dr Dhlomo in Durban Gen

Nyaniso Dzedze played Dr Dhlomo, an abusive husband to the dot, and the second season finale of Durban Gen found him being the most hated man on Television. Dhlomo hit Sne after an argument, and she suffered a miscarriage leading to his arrest. However, Dhlomo got bail and came back to work at the same place as Sne, where he then threatened her, leading her to try and commit suicide just to get away from him.

Nyaniso Dzedze on Durban Gen
Nyaniso Dzedze on Durban Gen-Image Source(Instagram/Nyaniso Dzedze)

However, help came to Sne in the form of Mbali, Thulani, and the rest of the security team, and they managed to save Sne. She then grabbed Thulani’s official gun and shot Dhlomo; that is how Nyaniso Dzedze’s character was killed off from Durban Gen.

Watch the video of Nyaniso Dzedze talking about his abusive father below:

In a video that he shared on Instagram, Nyaniso Dzedze shared how it was for him to play the role of Dr Dhlomo. The actor said that when he read the script he was given, at first, it was exciting for him to play. It was only when the Gender Violence part started that Nyaniso found it hard to bring Dr Dhlomo to life. In his video, he shares that the character triggered bad childhood memories where his father used to beat up his mother when he was a kid.

The actor goes on to call his father the Dr Dhlomo of his mother’s life and said the script began to hit close to home towards the end. In his video, Dzedze says he called his agent at one point crying and telling him that he wanted to quit Durban Gen because he was finding it hard to deliver as an actor. Nyaniso then calls the role of Dhlomo his biggest challenge as an actor while thanking the team and cast members for their journey with them.

Fans’ reactions to the video

In his comment section, his fellow cast members and his fans could not help but applaud his talent in delivering the perfect performance. Some fans even said that they had begun to hate the actor as they were now confusing him for Dr Dhlomo because of how good he embodied his role.

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