Monday’s Episode: Uzalo 3 January 2022 – Sbu can’t seem to get it right with Hlelo

Monday's Episode: Uzalo 3 January 2022

On the last episode of Uzalo 31 December 2021

Sbu sang his last song in 2021, and all were destroyed. When we caught the one-hit-wonder had everything the recording company gave him after he sent a disastrous recording and failed to deliver what they expected and failed to hold his end of the deal. He lost the fame, the money, the fans, and he lost Hlelo.

Gabisile made her first move on Nkunzi and offered herself, is he going to bite?  Khathide has now pulled a gun on Mamlambo and just told her that she now works for him. How bad can things get for her, she was trying to help him, and now she is in the deepest waters.

Meanwhile, Hlelo is preparing to enjoy new years eve with Nosipho.

Watch the last episode of Uzalo on Friday, 31 December 2021 below:[0]=AZUb5T2sDDqNUhQA1kM7mQbu-bKSr4eUV6mxdU-DLg5lyLA-DwZla2Dvpy8SSE6sv9oT1qNOFTDIqHCv5PC6lhmaX4xERMI2N0KxVt1CajUAr-apXhIy0hGlVhl09w8su5PPGsr7eIBvq_Pg488I_V19M98jr0MSvGb4RqYP4IePXw&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Monday 3 January 2022 Episode 217

Monday's Episode: Uzalo 3 January 2022
Monday’s Episode: Uzalo 3 January 2022

What’s going on next KwaMashu
Nkunzi receives some news that shocks him. With all that is happening with him, it could be anything from that phone call to Mamlambos entanglement with Khathide. Anything. Oh, and there is also Gabisile, who is shockingly and openly going after him.

The black knight is back.
That’s right. The Mastermind is back, and he didn’t come to play as he is already fixing what he deems wrong. This has Khathide written all over him if you ask me. Where has he been? And how long is he here for? All I know is things are about to get very interesting. Mondli is going to be red with anger. We understand how problematic the Master is.

Sbu can’t seem to get it right with Hlelo.

Hlelo gives Sbu a run for his emotions, and he deserves it. After all the things he put her through. They lost the deal they both worked on, got into bed with some crazy fans, ignored Hlelo and did not even care that she had left him. Imagine!

It looks like we are still in for great excitement in 2022.

Catch the first episode of 2022 of Uzalo on SABC1 at 20h30 Mondays through to Friday’s.

Monday’s Episode will be shared here when it’s available.

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