Meet Gomora actress ‘Zodwa’ Sannah Mchunu’s family in real life

Meet Gomora actress 'Zodwa' Sannah Mchunu's family in real life

Gomora actress ‘Zodwa’ Sannah Mchunu and her family have been having their best year ever, celebrating Sannah’s success in the entertainment business in 2022. She has won her most significant award as the DSTV Viewers’ Choice Favourite actress, which showed how much she had grown to be one of the finest actresses in the country. At some point, fans claimed that Zodwa was carrying the show on her shoulders, thanks to her solid family base that gives her the platform to shine outside. In short, we can all agree that Gomora would not be the same without her.

When her success started coming from all angles, Sannah wasn’t ready for it and failed to take it. On several occasions, she fell into tears, thank God she had her family to cheer her on and off the screen. She had formed strong relationships with fellow crew and cast members on Gomora on Gomora. She even calls them a family away from home with Gladys ‘Thembi Seete’ and Thulani Mtshweni ‘Bongani’ being so close. It’s, however, a different case today. We all know of Zodwa’s family on Gomora, but here is her real-life family. The people that meant the world to the star actress.

Meet Gomora actress 'Zodwa' Sannah Mchunu's family
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Gomora actress ‘Zodwa’ Sannah Mchunu’s children

If there is one thing that Sannah is always thinking about is her children, she has many of them. Sannah had her first child when she was at school, which was the end of her school education at 14. A few years later, she was brought back to school, fell pregnant again at the age of 19 and thus gave birth to her second child. Despite being only 50 years old, Sannah already has seven children and loves them to bits. Despite being only 50 years, Sannah already has seven children, and she loves them to bits.

Among her children, Sannah mostly loves her twins, who she posts on her Instagram more than often. Speaking of the love she has for her children, Sannah said:

SOMETIMES STAYING SINGLE COULD BE THE BEST DECISION TO PROTECT YOUR KIDS🤞 Especially those of us with children.. “when it bites somewhere.. Go crazy, I’ll wipe my mouth again. Instead of fetching a lion that will abuse my children never.. Our kids are getting hurt because of our love of Belonger strue🥺 AskiesPince and Sophie🙏🥺 – Prince and Sophie

On top of her children, Sannah now has grandchildren she loves to spend time with. She is now enjoying the granny fruits of having her kids when she was young.


Sannah Mchunu husband

Of his seven children, Sannah only lived with her husband for a few years. She stayed with her first and only husband of her fifth child for some time before he started abusing him. That was the end of Zodwa’s married life, and it seemed that she was now done with it. She is putting her children in front of everything. She can’t even risk losing her children than having a husband to stay with.

Meet Gomora actress 'Zodwa' Sannah Mchunu's family
Sannah Mchunu’s family – Image Credit:

Sannah Mchunu Zodwa’s family on Gomora

On the show, she has been an example of the low-income families in Mzansi. From her abusive relationship with Don, Zodwa saw herself as an alcoholic. Upon Don’s death, she moved in with loving and caring Bongani, who is being a good father to her kids Teddy ‘Sicelo Buthelezi’ and Sibongile ‘Nandipa Khubone’.

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