Mai TT dragged to court by ex-husband Tinashe Maphosa’s lover Panashe

Mai TT , Tinashe Maphosa and Panashe Nzenza

Harare-based socialite and comedienne Felistas Murata, famously known as Mai TT, has been the nation’s talk for several months. This is after she had one of the shortest marriages in Zimbabwean famous people history to Tinashe Maphosa. Their marriage was not only shortlived, but the couple quickly became each other’s worst enemies in public as they aired their dirty laundry. Mai TT is still suffering the aftermath of her union with Tinashe after she is dragged to court by his lover Panashe.

The couple made a big deal of their lavish wedding in April, where they splashed $100 000 in cash at Royal Gates in Chisipite. The couple showed off the money they splashed on each other when behind closed doors; all was not gold and glitter. A few months after the lavish wedding, Mai TT had her birthday celebration, where Tinashe Maphosa made a big deal of buying his wife a car and a house and showed it off on social media.

Mai TT and Tinashe Maphosa wedding
Mai TT and Tinashe Maphosa wedding-Image Source(Facebook)

Mai TT and Tinashe Maphosa’s marriage woes

After their money woes started, things turned sour quickly, and the couple started fighting on social media. The socialite opened up that a friend’s daughter named Panashe was refusing the keys to the alleged house that Tinashe bought. In a shocking turn of events, her fans learnt that Panashe was having an affair with Tinashe Maphosa behind Mai TT’s back while she was Mai TT’s friend’s daughter.

Mai TT and Panashe Nzenza
Mai TT and Panashe Nzenza-Image Source(Facebook)

Currently, the spotlight is not mainly focused on her as social media users have moved on to other celebrity dramas. However, her woes are far from over as Mai TT is dragged to court by Panashe, her ex-husband’s mistress. Panashe is seeking a protection order from Mai TT.

Mai TT was dragged to court by Panashe Nzenza.

Panashe claims that Mai TT has threatened to find her and beat her to a pulp over their issues with Tinashe. Also, in one of her many Facebook live videos, Mai TT published Panashe’s number, and she has been receiving threats from the socialite’s many followers. In the affidavit that she went to court with, Mai TT threatened that she would hire people that would beat Panashe.

Panashe Nzenza
Panashe Nzenza-Image Source(Facebook/Panashe Nzenza)

Their case will be heard on October 18th, and the two respondents will be given a chance to state and present their issues. Panashe, who claims to now be living in fear, states that she has no choice but to engage the courts to seek a protection order against Mai TT.

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