Lucy Diale from Generations is pregnant in real life

Lucy Diale to disappear

Is Manaka Rakana who plays Lucy Diale on Generations The Legacy pregnant and expecting in real life? Lucy Diale dropped the pregnancy hint on Instagram.

Is Lucy Diale from Generations expecting

On Generations The Legacy soapie, the shabeen queen Lucy Diale is married to younger Mrekza Makhafola, a role played by Kope Makgae but the couple is struggling to have a child due to Lucy’s old age. Lucy’s desperation to have a child saw her attempting and failing to adopt Mbali from Mam Sonto’s children’s home due to her previous criminal record.

Failure to pass the adoption test did not take away her love for children as she always donate to the children’s home. Onset Lucy Diale only has one child Namhla the role played by Thuli Phongolo but it looks as if she is expecting another child in real life.


Lucy Diale from Generations is pregnant and Mzansi can't deal
Lucy Diale from Generations and husband Mrekza

Manaka Ranaka hinted that she is pregnant on her Instagram page but without really revealing nor confirming anything as well. The pregancy hint come as she uploaded an image from Generrations The Legacy cast publicity photoshot on Instagram and one follower close to the actress (Kingsley) congratulated Lucy Diale for being pregnant a comment she didn’t bush off.

Congratulations 🔥🙌🎊. Pregie 😂❤️

Congratulatory messages continue to pour in for the pregnant actress.

wow sis I’m glad someone has been cracking your back. Congrats

congras mama-to-be ♡♡❤

Fans comment on Lucy's picture

After the hint that Ranaka Manaka gave us, fans did mention that no wonder she’s always wearing baggy clothes on the favorite television show that she acts on Generations and even on the recent photoshoot that the Generations the legacy cast members had, she was wearing a beautiful red and black dress which was hiding nor revealing anything of the pregnancy rumors.

Recently Dineo Ranaka‘s sister to Ranaka launched her first makeup brand and Manaka showed up in a dress that did not give much.

Manaka Ranaka
Manaka Ranaka

In real life Ranaka Manaka (Lucy Diale) is a mother of two daughters born of different fathers. 16-year-old Kagiso and Lasedi, 7 and she has once been quoted saying that she has no problem raising them all alone. Recently she turned to Gogo Manaka as she was blessed with a grand child after her first born gave birth.

So far, you may be wondering, has anybody ever spotted Manaka Ranaka and her husband? Well, the answer is NO. She has only dated Thabo Monareng, who is nine years younger.

When their relationship was working, they were quite upbeat and would often share their photos on Manaka Ranaka Instagram. Lately, though, nothing exciting seems to be coming out of the friendship. In one public interview, she owned up to the fact that their relationship was facing challenges.



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