Londeka Mchunu ‘Zanele’ from House of Zwide is a scriptwriter for the show

Londeka Mchunu

South African actress Londeka Mchunu has been part of the House of Zwide cast since the show’s debut and is part of the main cast. The actress has proved that she is not just a beauty but also has brains, and the showrunners are also utilising all her skills. A recent episode revealed that Londeka Mchunu is also the show’s scriptwriter and was credited for her work.

Londeka Mchunu as Zanele in House of Zwide

Zanele is Faith’s child, who Funani took in as his own, and she grew up under the Zwide name and with the benefit of the family. She wanted to be gifted as a designer or in anything fashion, but she was not and took on social media marketing for her father’s company. Zanele also had some mean-girl tendencies before trying to get Ona to quit her job with the help of her mother.

Londeka Mchunu,Lois Du Plessis and Winnie Ntshaba
Londeka Mchunu,Lois Du Plessis and Winnie Ntshaba-Image Source(Instagram/WinnieNtshaba)

Recently with Faith in the psych ward and recovering, Zanele has found herself torn between listening to her brother and caring for her mother. Zanele is also jealous of Ona’s relationship with their father and tries to keep her away from the Zwide mansion. Still, Nkosi reminds her that Ona deserves to be there as she is a Zwide. Her fights with her big brother, who used to be her protector, never seemed to stop recently. Zanele wants her family to stay together.

Londeka Mchunu doubles up as a Scriptwriter for House of Zwide

Londeka Mchunu, who plays the role of Zanele Zwide, has shown her acting skills in several productions for Bomb Productions. Because of her other writing qualifications, the Production house has also given her a job as a Scriptwriter for the show. The actress was pursuing a degree in Corporate Communications which she later dropped because she did not enjoy it. When she started acting, the actress saw no need to continue with her degree programme as the course is of no use in her newly found career.

Londeka Mchunu
Londeka Mchunu-Image Source(Insatagram/DekaMchunu)

The Mchunus are a talented bunch, as Londeka is not the only one in the acting industry. Her sister Nelisa is a household name after her role in Uzalo and a recent lead role in Isifiso, which saw her playing a villain onscreen.

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