List of local drama soapies Mzansi viewers bid farewell to in 2021

Isibaya cast-Image Source(Instagram)

The entertainment industry of Mzansi has a lot of creative, Production houses and actors. Sometimes productions end because the writers’ storyline may have ended, but sometimes it may be forced to end. The television business is a costly business, and sometimes if viewers don’t watch the soapie, the channel airing the soapie may be forced to end it to create space for something viewers would actually watch. Here is a list of local drama soapies Mzansi viewers bid farewell to in 2021.


In April, Isibaya viewers found themselves having to bid farewell to the Bomb productions drama series they had grown to love for eight years. The show production house showed how the whole cast watched their final episode together and celebrated after the end. The show was replaced by Diepcity, which started airing on the 5th of April. Viewers of the show were left satisfied with its final episode and congratulated Bomb productions for an interesting eight years together.

Isibaya actors-Image source(Instagram)
Isibaya actors-Image source(Instagram)

The show was cancelled because its viewership fell, but it kept airing the episodes already shot for some months. For the final two months of the drama series airing, it became the most-watched drama series on Mzansi Magic. Most of the cast members of the show landed a role in the series that replaced Isibaya, Diepcity.

South African Drama series that ended in 2021

Rhythm City

Rhythm City-Image Source(Instagram)
Rhythm City-Image Source(Instagram)

In July 2021, etv announced to the fans that the longest-standing soapie, Rhythm City, was bowing out after fourteen years. It was replaced by the fashion drama series House of Zwide. Fans were left emotional when the last episode aired in July. TKZee’s Kabelo Mabalane performed on the last episode, and their ending was very emotional. Viewers took to social media to applaud the show for promoting local music throughout its fourteen years airing on etv.

Besides being the most-watched drama series on etv, the channel had to cancel it to create space for new content. However, the show’s actors walked away with life-changing bonuses and everyone left in good blood. Most of the actors managed to land roles in other shows and movies, but a few are yet to get that chance.

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