“Like mother, like son” Mzansi trolls MaMkhize and Andile Mpisane’s English as Sithelo leaks their chats

Mzansi trolls MaMkhize and Andile Mpisane's English as they exchange statements with Sithelo

It seems as if the apple fell right next to the tree. Mzansi trolled entrepreneur and reality show star Shauwn Mkhize popularly known as MaMkhize after the release of her official statement. After Sithelo Shozi, Andile Mpisane’s baby mama made dampening allegations of abuse, MaMkhize saw it fit to say her piece. Mzansi was disappointed with her use of punctuation marks.

Seeing how rich MaMkhize is, Mzansi questioned why she couldn’t hire someone to write her official statements. Writing with such poor grammar makes her look rather incompetent. Andile is another person who has proven time and time again to have a relatively poor command of the English language. Some tweeps said Angie Motshekga, the South African Minister of Basic Education, is to blame.

Andile Mpisane and Sithelo Shozi's chats
Andile Mpisane and Sithelo Shozi’s chats. Image: Instgram/Sithelo Shozi

Shauwn Mkhize’s statement

After seeing so much proof of Andile threatening Sithelo’s life, Mzansi was disappointed to see MaMkhize defending her son. In the eyes of many, she proved to be a mother who stands with her son to death even when he is wrong. Knowing how Shauwn loves Andile, many shared the sentiments that they expected this to happen.

Shauwn Mkhize's statement about Sithelo's allegations.
Shauwn Mkhize’s statement about Sithelo’s allegations. Image: Instagram/Shauwn Mkhize

Some said the statement was unnecessary, and Shauwn should’ve kept quiet. After Mzansi saw how Andile verbally attacks Sithelo, her statement makes zero damage control. These tweeps believe it was better when the family was modest and pretending to be perfect. Someone made an example of Mama Jackie attacking people when Jub Jub was accused of rape. This tweep said mothers would fight tooth and nail for their unruly sons.

Sithelo and Shauwn Mkhize's conversation
Sithelo and Shauwn Mkhize’s conversation. Image: Twitter/Sithelo

Sithelo is gaining more traction

So far, the queen of photoshoots is gaining much traction and momentum on Instagram. Many people appear to believe every word she says with her allegations. Women For Change South African, the anti-woman abuse organization, also showed Sithelo support.

Sithelo Shozi
Sithelo Shozi: Image source @Instagram/Sithelo

Some of her supporters shared rather profound opinions on why she is being abused by Andile at present and before. Someone said Andile is used to getting things done his way or on the highway. When a woman like Sithelo challenges him, he instantly feels threatened and resorts to threatening to take her life as he possesses an inferiority complex.

Some of Mzansi’s celebrities are also in support of Sithelo. Amanda du-Pont, for one, expressed how she is tired of hearing abuse stories from women, and it needs to stop now. She has also come out publicly about the abuse she faced and gained a lot of feminine support. Some of the other celebrities are Ntando Duma and Tebogo Thobejane.

After Shauwn Mkhize shared her official statement, Sithelo shared another exciting conversation. She hid the person’s name, but it looked like MaMkhize. She was organizing a family meeting to have peace between the families. Sithelo said the person she spoke to is the same person who claims to know nothing now.

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