LaConco set to host reality show Ingan’Yam Season 2

LaConco set to host reality show Ingan'Yam for Season 2

Real Housewives of Durban star Nonkanyiso Conco is set to host a TV show. Known popularly as LaConco, the reality TV star is making waves in the entertainment industry, and it seems this is only the beginning.

LaConco was engaged to Jacob Zuma.

LaConco is one of those few people who were followed by fame, although she never thought she’d be famous or, better yet, be asked to be featured in a popular reality show. Her name is quite influential and respected in the industry because she is associated with former president Jacob Zuma. She made headlines because of her relationship with the prestigious individual. People claimed that she was only with him for money because there was no way she would be engaged to him.

LaConco doesn’t let the hate get to her.

But LaConco stays true to herself and does not seem bothered by the headlines or what people are saying about her. She has a son with the former president. And the two were even set to get married, but no one knows where that ended up as Nonkanyiso did not want to address anything related to the former president’s name on the show. Many people thought it was because she was embarrassed by something. Still, she revealed during her time on the show that she was not allowed to speak about the Zuma family or her relationship with any of them.No one ever got a straight answer from her when asked about Zuma; therefore, no one knows if they are still engaged or not bit, it is rumoured that the two broke up. That seems entirely believable, considering that there isn’t even a single picture of them together on social media.

LaConco is also a businesswoman. Source – Instagram

Her age continues to shock many.

LaConco is only 29 years old; this came as s shock to many people as she presents herself and carries herself like a woman who has lived for many more years than that. The majority thought she was in her late 30’s. Also, the age gap between her and Zuma made many assume she was in it for the money but looking at the type of woman she is; it does not seem so.

Nonkanyiso will be hosting a TV show. She will be replacing LeJoy as the host of the S, which will air in 2022.

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