Kabelo Koma joins Black Motion replacing Murdah Bongz

Kabelo Koma and Murdah Bongz

South African musical duo Black motion tried to deny the news that the group had split despite everything that said otherwise. They even teased that they were still working on music and other campaigns. However, it is now official that Black Motion has finally split, and Kabelo Koma will replace Murdah Bongz to work beside Thabo Smallz.

News that Black Motion had split up was shared on Twitter by Prince Kaybee, an artist in the industry. The matter trended on social media, with many people blaming DJ Zinhle for the split. They said the female DJ, married to Murdah Bongz, has been whispering to him to pursue a solo career.

Black Motion rubbished splitting rumours.

Black Motion press release
Black Motion press release-Image Source(Instagram/BlackMotion)

The group rubbished the news and told their fans that the duo was still going strong and that it was false. They even teased a new album they said they are working on and will release soon. With that, Black, Motion managed to appease fans and make them look forward to future projects from the duo.

Murdah Bongz released a solo album which trended as number one on streaming services. Fans well received the album, and people had positive things to say about all the tracks on his debut album. A few weeks after, the musical duo rubbished the splitting rumours. In the wake of the album release, the news that Black Motion was no longer trended again, but fans did not complain as they were enjoying Murdah Bongz’s body of work.

Watch the video of Kabelo Koma being introduced as a Black motion member below:

Black Motion was invited to SABC News for an interview, and they graced our screens to chat. Instead of Murdah Bongz, Kabelo Koma joined Thabo Smallz as the other half of Black Motion. The two were introduced to the world as the new musical duo and talked about their art. Thabo Smallz mainly concentrates on Drums when they are perfoming. Kabelo will take over the DJing part of Black Motion which Murdah Bongz has been in charge of.

Fans’ reaction to the news

Thabo and Myurdah Bongz were already leading solo careers and not performing together. Many fans are not shocked that the duo has officially split, and they took to Twitter to express their thoughts. Many were saying that it was no use for the team to deny the rumours in the first place because it was clear where the group was headed. Others still accuse DJ Zinhle of splitting the group because Murdah started being a solo artist after dating Zinhle.

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