Jojo Quits “The Real Housewives of Durban” After Having a Tantrum, Separating From Her Best Friend Nonku

The Real Housewives of Durban

Jojo LeavesThe Real Housewives of Durban After Having a Tantrum, Separating From Her Best Friend Nonku

The latest episode ofThe Real Housewives of Durban kicked off with an intense scene that immediately captivated viewers. Jojo Robinson, the host of the Drakensberg trip, was having dinner with her friends when a heated argument broke out.

Real Housewives of Durban season 3
Real Housewives of Durban season 3: Image source @Instagram

Jojo‘s best friend, Nonku Williams, found herself in the middle of the conflict, and the tension between the two women came to a head when Jojo threw a glass and stormed off, leaving her guests behind. The first ten minutes were filled with dramatic exchanges between the housewives, making it clear that this season would be full of surprises.

The group had just witnessed a confrontation between Jojo and Sane, and the tension in the air was palpable. Ruan, whose presence in the show was still unexplained, suddenly started to cry out in distress, prompting Maria to comfort Jojo while also warning Sane to leave.

Jojo attempted to misinterpret Annie‘s words regarding the rumours that she was an alcoholic as she attempted to find answers in her room for the murmurs. Annie was spoton when she commented that Jojo was taking her words out of context and turning the situation into a dramatic one. As a result, Jojo exhibited childish behaviour.

Annie refused to be cajoled by Jojo‘s behavior, informing her that she was misinterpreting the situation. This caused Jojo to fly into a rage, and she threw a glass filled with water off the table, with bits of glass landing on Nonku‘s face. Slee commented in her confession that Jojo wasspoiled as the latter yelled out that she wasdone andout“.

The drama that occurred in Sun City last season was nothing compared to the scene that unfolded recently. Jojo was so overwhelmed that she had to call her husband, who showed up right away to help her out.

Yesterday, before the episode aired on Showmax, Jojo took the surprise move of jetting off to Seychelles to go on a family holiday. Maria attempted to thwart Jojo‘s escape, but she was determined to be done with the other ladies. It was rude of her not to inform her guests of her departure.

Despite the awkwardness, the remaining housewives managed to make the most of the trip, even if it did lead to conflict. Nonku, who has recently disabled comments on her Instagram post, was reminded that Jojo was not her friend.

Her friend had thrown a glass in her direction, but she still staunchly defended her actions.

Nonku had presumed that Maria would do her makeup, and this led to the two of them having beef. At a dinner with the ladies, resident chef Sane attempted to apologize for saying that Annie had slept her way to the top, but she was not successful.

Instead of taking ownership of her statement, Sane shifted the blame onto Jojo and became angry with Nonku for pressing her about it. Despite Sorisha‘s efforts to make Nonku see reason, Maria had left her alone on a trip she had invited her to – whether it was an honest mistake.

Viewers ofThe Real Housewives of Durban are on the edge of their seats as the drama reaches a boiling point. Anticipation is high for the upcoming reunion, where the ladies will be forced to confront each other, and all their secrets will be bare. It‘s sure to be an explosive season finale!


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