“It’s too early” Fans react after Killer Kau’s girlfriend is reported to be married to his friend within a year after his passing

Killer Kau's girlfriend is reported to be married to his friend within a year after his passing

Fans have reacted after late singer Killer Kau’s girlfriend is revealed to be married to his friend within a year after his passing. The death of the ‘Uthol’ukuth’ hey’ hitmaker was a constant feature in his posts on social media and she was basically inseparable from him.

The news of other girlfriends of the late singer made headlines on social media after his shocking death in 2021 from a car accident that claimed 5 lives. These ladies were all not taken seriously because tweeps only knew and approved of one young woman, Okwethu Mkhwanazi.

Mkhwanazi touched many of Killer’s fans when she shared all the sentimental and romantic videos of the time she had with the musician.

The problem started when one Twitter account revealed that she was getting married in just a year and to add salt to the wound, she was doing it with a friend of Killer Kau’s.

Killer Kau and his girlfriend. Image: Twitter

This sent social media into a frenzy and a huge debate ensued.

Tweeps started reminding each other how a string of women came out to claim Killer as their lover after his death. They felt that Olwethu was vindicated.

Killer Kau whose real name is Sakhile Hlatshwayo died in a tragic accident that shook the entire Mzansi along with Mpura and other artists in the car.

Killer Kau’s girlfriend. Image: Instagram

The tweet about Mkhwanazi was met with hostility and fans of Killer came out guns blazing at the account that posted this news that seemed to have been shared to stir up trouble directed at the young woman.

Commenters felt that she was welcome to move on from Killer but not with his friend, and did think it was too soon for her to move on period.

Mkhwanazi took to Twitter in July to wish Hlatshwayo who would have turned 24 in July this year a heavenly birthday, by sharing a video of an old Video from Mpura who also parishes in the car with Kau, showing that it’s hard for her to let go of the great memories she had with him.

The account that shared this news received some backlash for trying to incite cyberbullying.
Things got so heated that a debate about morality and tradition ensued and the topic trended for the whole day and night over the weekend.

Some mentioned that the woman was not even married to Hlatshwayo to be given duties of mourning him.

Other tweeps were inclined to accuse her of cheating on Killer Kau because they say it’s too soon for her to have made a decision to marry someone whom she was dating for a long. These suggest that Mkhwanazi was double-crossing Killer Kau with this friend.

It hasn’t been made a fact that indeed Mkhwanazi is married at all at this point.

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