Isibaya’s Melusi Zungu to release new music

Melusi Zungu new music

Isibaya’s Melusi Zungu to release new music

Isibaya’s Melusi Zungu wants to try music again despite the negativity he received for his debut freestyle in July.

The actor who portrays Melusi Zungu in Isibaya, Nkanyiso Mzimela, is set to release a few tracks.

He told TshisaLive that he is a musician and is set to drop singles Off Screen and In My Dreams.

Mzimela said he hopes people will not hate his new music.

“I am a musician, I make music. People must be on the lookout for the two new singles I am about to drop, Off Screen and In My Dreams. Music is a big part of my artistry, and as far as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a musician. Hopefully people are not going to hate it, but even if they do I’ll pick up what I need to and leave what isn’t useful and take it from there,” he said.

He said he wants to make music outside the acting space as Nkanyiso Mzimela and not Melusi.

“On top of everything else I am doing, I would like people to get to know me as I am. I am working on personal projects that show who I am as a person, as Nkanyiso and not the characters I play on TV. I hope people receive me as I express myself fully. As an artist I have found myself in a position where I need to get out of my comfort zone and outdo myself. I need to strive to reach a part of myself that I have not reached before, to push my own limits. I have had to grow up. A lot of people never realise you need to step up and be present for yourself and that it has to be a choice you make consciously. Melusi has helped me, in a way, to do that,” he declared.

Nkanyiso released a 7-track back in August under the moniker “NIGHT$”.

He received some good reviews on Twitter. He is set on releasing two new singles called Off Screen and In My Dreams and hopes the feedback will be more positive this time.

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