Ishmauel Songo ‘Japan’ from Lingashoni’s side hustle impresses Mzansi

Ishmauel Songo

Ishmauel Songo had many South Africans falling in love with his talent when he landed the role of Mpande Zulu in the Wife. His character was the victim of a shootout that killed some wedding guests and part of his family members, which is how he bowed out of the series. After the show, Ishmauel got a role in Lingashoni, playing the role of Japan, who is Brenda’s drug-addicted son. Apart from being an actor Ishmauel Songo has a side hustle that is impressive and uses his fame to earn.

Ishmauel Songo in Lingashoni and The Wife

In Lingashoni, the character of Japan is that of someone addicted to drugs which will do anything to get the next fix. He had stolen from his mother and sister’s wallet before an overdose and had to be taken to a rehabilitation centre. His family stood by him at his lowest despite all he had done to them and gave him the help he needed.

Ishmauel Songo
Ishmauel Songo-Image source(Image Source(Instagram/IshmauelS)

On The Wife, however, his role as Mpande showed him as a level-headed brother who would not dream of stealing from his siblings. He was part of the youngest trio of the Zulu brothers, who were into small mischiefs like missing classes and hanging around at the taxi rank. However, he was shot and killed by their family enemies when their celebrations were attacked.

Before these two roles, Songo was part of the Rhythm City cast playing the role of Sabelo. The actor makes a living through music and gets booked to host clubs and ceremonies like many other celebrities. However, there is a side hustle that many people may not have known of, which Ishmauel Songo does that he has shared on Instagram.

Ishmauel Songo’s side hustle revealed

Taking to his Instagram page, Ishmauel Songo shared with his fans that he sells cars for a living on the side. In his caption about where he was advertising a Mercedes Benz G-wagon, he urged his fans who want to buy cars to get in touch with him and get their dream cars at affordable prices. House of Zwide actor Vusi Majola took to the comment section to comment that the car advertised is a beast.

It’s common for celebrities to have side hustles besides the entertainment jobs that they are known for. Some have opened companies, some own farms, alcohol brands and many more. The Coronavirus pandemic taught a lot of industry talent not to rely on their acting or music jobs alone.

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