In Pictures: Where did Thabo Malema ‘Bohang’ from Scandal disappear to?

Thabo Malema

In Pictures, Where did Thabo Malema ‘Bohang’ from Scandal disappear?

South African actor Thabo Malema is a celebrated performer in his trade, and his fans love him because of his talent and craft. The actor is familiar to viewers because of how easy he makes getting into the character look. Because of this, he found himself among the most hated men last year after his role in Scandal rubbed people the wrong way.

Thabo Malema as Bohang in Scandal

Malema played Bohang, an Officer in charge at the local police station in the series. He used his position to get away with illegal things. Bohang tracked Seipati, a woman who had run away from him because of his abusive nature and relocated elsewhere. However, he found her and her son and started to threaten her life if she did not take him back. It went to the extent where he held them hostage so they did not run away and report him to the authorities.

Thabo Malema-Image Source(Instagram/Thabo Malema)

Seipati, who had managed to attract the attention of Lerumo, a police officer, showed how scared she was of his boss, and he started investigating the matter. Bohang later got into a fight with Lerumo and was shot dead on the rooftop. Lerumo’s dad took the fall for the murder to protect his son and future daughter-in-law.

Thabo on his role in Scandal

After Scandal, Thabo Malema opened up about how people hated him in real life because of his role in Scandal, not understanding that they were acting. He earned himself a nickname as many South Africans know him as ‘Dumelang Seipati’, a greeting he frequently said on the soapie. However, when he left his role in the drama series, fans wondered what he was now up to after Scandal.

Life after Scandal

Thabo Malema-Image Source(Instagram/Thabo Malema)

The actor is still active as an actor and is working on other productions on Television. After Scandal, he was part of the cast of Kedinone, working alongside Natasha Thahane, Wright Ngubane and many others. Recently he worked as part of the cast of Whatever it takes, a show streaming on evod where he works alongside his former Scandal cast member like Mapaseka Koetle.

Besides his acting career, his Instagram is filled with pictures from his work as a model, and he calls himself the original Kasi nerd. Thabo’s signature 90s afro is what he is mainly known for by his fans. He also drives a BMW gusheshe that goes well with his 90s style of dressing. Malema is also into farming and specializes in vegetable farming with cabbages at a piece of land he owns.

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