In Pictures: See how fame and money have transformed Nelisiwe Sibiya ‘Dr Mbali’ from Durban Gen

Nelisiwe Sibiya

South African actress Nelisiwe Sibiya, famously known for her role as Mbali in Durban Gen’s life story, is a true rags to riches story. The actress has always been public about her struggles at a younger age as she tried to make ends meet and put food on the table. Nelisiwe Sibiya’s throwback pictures have shown how much she has grown and how much of a fashionista she wanted to be back then.

Nelisiwe Sibiya before fame

When Nelisiwe was only eight years old, she was robbed of her father when he was shot and killed, and together with her sister, she had to live with an aunt and uncle. Their mother was a street vendor and could barely afford to take care of them and send them to school with her money. However, the two siblings moved back in with their mother after their uncle sexually assaulted them.

Nelisiwe Sibiya in High School
Nelisiwe Sibiya in High School-Image Source(Facebook/Nelisiwe Sibiya)

The family of three could barely make ends meet, but their mother sent both daughters to High school while struggling. Nelisiwe landed a job as a street promoter to get money to pay for her University fees. The actress shared experiences of how they would sleep on fat cakes her mother cooked to sell in the street and wake up early to catch four taxis to where she worked. Sometimes she would even get there too early and sleep in the toilets while waiting for her shift to start.

Sibiya was a promoter to pay for school

Nelisiwe Sibiya after Matric
Nelisiwe Sibiya after Matric-Image Source(Instagram/Nelisiwe Sibiya)

Her fate changed when she enrolled and got a degree in Musical Studies before starting a music career with the help of her sister. She recorded the theme song for Lockdown, her most significant entertainment breakthrough. The role in Durban Gen came closely after, which is her most notable acting role.

Nelisiwe Sibiya recently took to her TikTok to share a video she made showing a picture of herself before fame while in High school and one after fame. The actress has always been a beauty and barely needs any enhancements to flaunt her looks.

Nelisiwe Sibiya after fame
Nelisiwe Sibiya after fame-Image Source(Instagram/Nelisiwe Sibiya)

In her comment section, most of her fans agreed that she was beautiful even before she had money. The compliments were in the post’s comment section. Even at a young age, it was clear that she was a fashionista on a low budget with her hairstyle with bangs in her uniform. Now that she is making a killing as an entertainer, Nelisiwe can afford to buy luxury cars and pay a glamour squad to do her makeup and hair professionally.

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