In Pictures: MamSonto from Gomora ‘Connie Chiume’ is older than she looks, actual age revealed

Gomora actress MamSonto ‘Connie Chiume’ (Source Instagram)

With an illustrious career spanning decades, one can not talk about the South African entertainment industry without implicating Connie Chiume into the equation. She has the plug and the bling too. The actress is best known for her on-screen character of a gangster shabeen queen on Mzansi Magic’s drama series Gomora as MamSonto.

She has wowed Mzansi for years, and her Gomora signature “Thati my baby” will go down in the history books of soap operas. However, she hasn’t been in the picture of late on Gomora because of her Black Panther gig she was working on.

It seems as if her return will ruffle up some feathers a lot happened whilst she was not around in Gomora. From Don’s death to Mazet disability.

Gomora actress MamSonto ‘Connie Chiume’ (Source Instagram)
Gomora actress MamSonto ‘Connie Chiume’ (Source Instagram)

She was thrust into the limelight with theatre plays like those before her. However, she made all sorts of headlines with her on-screen character of Stella Moloi on Zone 14. From there, the bubbly actress has been winning big from starring in Rhythm City to Generations. Currently, she is making all sorts of headlines with her MamSonto character on Gomora.

Gomora actress MamSonto ‘Connie Chiume’s age gets Mzansi talking

In recent years she has fast become a global phenomenon in acting. Who knew that she was one of the most followed A-List celebs with a following of 158 thousand followers on Instagram.

With an acting career spanning more than four decades, Mzansi has wondered how old she could be given the youthful vibe she pulls on set. No doubt she always glows and shows off those glamorous looks.

Gomora actress MamSonto ‘Connie Chiume’ (Source Instagram)
Gomora actress MamSonto ‘Connie Chiume’ (Source Instagram)

Of interest is that the actress happens to be of Malawian origin. The celebrated actress Connie Temweka Gabisile Chiume was born on 5 June 1952, Welkom, South Africa.

Her father Wright Tadeyo Chiume happens to be of Malawian origin from Usisya, Nkhata Bay, Malawi. On the other hand, her mother hailed from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The 69-year-old actress grew up in Welkom later matriculated in the Eastern Cape. Upon matriculating, she enrolled on teaching and graduated with a degree in education. She called it quits a few years later and furnished her craze of acting with theatre plays before her thrust into the limelight.



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