In Pictures: Khanyi Mbau celebrates first anniversary dating Kudzai Mushonga

Khanyi Mbau and Kudzai Mushonga-Image Source(Instagram)

Khanyi Mbau and Kudzai Mushonga’s relationship has been in the headlines more times than a normal relationship over the past year. It, however, makes sense as they are both extremists, whether they are loving or fighting. The two lovebirds went public in February with their relationship. However, it’s now clear they had been dating for some time as Khanyi Mbau celebrates first anniversary, dating Kudzai today, the 31st of December.

Khanyi Mbau-Image Source(Instagram)
Khanyi Mbau-Image Source(Instagram)

Khanyi Mbau took to Instagram to show off the decorations in her house she had done to celebrate her first anniversary. In the post that she penned down a heartfelt message which said:

The 31st will forever be a special day for me going forward. As much as it’s the last day of the year and lots to be grateful for, today becomes very sentimental.Today is the day I started my relationship, and a year later, with all its lessons, experiences, laughter, tears and joy, it has been a blessing.Sadly the travel bans have stollen this moment, we would have lit up the sky and painted the day silver and gold and made the atmosphere sparkle ✨But this won’t get my spirit down, there is so much to celebrate and to live for.Thank you darling for 365 days of learning and bliss

Khanyi Mbau’s decorations for her first anniversary dating Kudzai

Khanyi Mbau's decorations-Image Source(Instagram)
Khanyi Mbau’s decorations-Image Source(Instagram)

With the travel bans because of the new Covid variant outbreak, she could not be with Kudzai in Dubai, but in her next post, she claimed that no travel ban would steal the moment for her. After what their relationship has gone through, the actress deserves to celebrate this day.

Kudzai is famous for spoiling his girlfriend, and he did not disappoint on this special day in their relationship. The decorations and set up in her living room had her staircase decorated with silver balloons. Just when we thought that that was all, Kudzai sent her a gift from one of the most expensive brands in the world, Cartier.

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