In Pictures: Is Gomora actress Gugu ‘Velile Makhoba’ daughter to actor Nkosana ‘Mondli Makhoba’ from The Wife?

Velile Makhoba is daughter to Mondli Makhoba

In Pictures, Is Gomora actress Gugu’ Velile Makhoba‘ daughter to actor Nkosana ‘Mondli Makhoba‘ from The Wife? Actress Velile Makhoba debuted on Gomora as Gugu, the concealed daughter of Mbongeni Ndaba, raised by her uncle Phumlani and paternal grandparents. She is the famous girl in a yellow dress who briefly stopped Thathi and Phumlani’s wedding before she stormed away from the venue.

On Gomora, Gugu has problems with Thathi, whom she referred to as the troublesome “Sotho woman.” She blames Thathi for keeping away Mbongeni from his other children; at one point, Phumlani took away her cellphone when she started following and admiring her step sisters’ lavish lifestyle on social media.

Gugu on Gomora
Gugu on Gomora: Image Credit @Instagram/Velile Makhoba

Gomora fans expressed their eagerness to see how Phumlani’s three influential women in his life, Thathi, Gugu and Buhle, will accommodate each other.

Velile Makhoba
Velile Makhoba: Image Credit @Instagram

“Gugu is innocent in this, her story is a sad one, and Phumlani seems to have a soft spot for her; let’s hope they all start afresh and don’t fight for his attention” – one Gomora fan said.

Is Velile Makhoba daughter to Mondli Makhoba?

The 21-year-old Velile Makhoba, an actress and professional dancer, has captured the hearts of many; photos emerge with The Wife actor Mondli Makhoba suggesting the two have a close relationship.

Is Velile Makhoba daughter to Mondli Makhoba
Velile Makhoba and Mondli Makhoba: Image Credit @Instagram

Mondli Makhoba (44), who plays the role of Nkosana Zulu on The wife, is a father of five in real life. Despite having played roles on Generations The Legacy and Uzalo, the Nkosana role on the Showmax drama series The Wife gave him the recognition he deserves.

The gift runs in the family’s blood, like a father like daughter, Mondli is father to Velile Makhoba; he is young brother to her biological father. Despite the due being actors, they have a different way of expressing art outside filming sets; Mondli is an established poet with 77 poems written in Zulu to his name. On the other hand, her daughter is an award-winning dancer who, at a tender age, has toured European countries with traditional dancing.

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