In Pictures: Get to know Tamia Louw, Andile Mpisane’s new wife

know Tamia Louw, Andile Mpisane's new fiance

South Africa woke up to the news that Andile Mpisane dumped baby Mama Sithelo Shozi and married Tamia Louw. Most of Andile’s followers could not believe the word as they thought the Royal AM chairman was content with the mother of her two children.

As the news filtered through Mzansi, people searched for information about Shauwn Mkhize’s new daughter in law.

Tamia Louw’s education

A quick check on Tamia’s LinkedIn revealed she went to Varsity College in Johannesburg. However, she did not specify the qualification she attained. She also did not shed more light on the high school she attended.

Tamia’s profession

Tamia is a fashion model and influencer like most millennials on social media. She promotes brands such as Lounge, Louis Vuitton and Calvin Klien. Most of her income comes from the companies she represents. She is followed by a massive hundred thousand people on Instagram.


South Africans discovered with surprise that Tamia is five years older than Andile. She recently celebrated her 25th birthday four days ago. She was pictured holding the numbers 2 and 5 and shared the photo on Instagram.

It seems her husband is more attracted to older women as he was in a relationship with Baby mama Sithelo Shozi who is seven years his senior. Andile turned 20 years this year.

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Tamia Louw’s family and ethnicity

Not much is known about her family. She grew up in Cape Town, and like Andile, she is also Zulu.


Tamia has just been married into a wealthy family headed by multi-millionaire businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize. Mkhize installed her son as chairman of Royal AM., a Durban based football club competing in South Africa’s top flight.

Andile is known for hosting lavish parties and showing off her family’s wealth on social media. He is also trying to establish himself as a musician, having already dropped three singles since he began. He recently won the best music video award for his work on Umcimbi. He is also an aspiring football player, having played for his side in the GladAfrica Championship.

Check out her pictures below.

Tamia Louw, Andile Mpisane's fiance
Tamia Louw, Andile Mpisane’s fiance
Tamia Louw
Tamia Louw, Andile Mpisane’s fiance

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