In Pictures: Fistos from Diep City ‘Mzikayise Makroti’ is a CEO in real life

Fistos from Diep City 'Mzikayise Makroti' (Source Instagram)

Mzikayise Makroti is a celebrated South African actor best known for his Diep City on-screen character Fistos. He has been making all sorts of headlines of late. His unmatched acting flair has wowed Mzansi.

Since the debut of the drama series, he has managed to wow Mzansi with his flair as he is always finding himself in trouble. Sne and Fistos have managed to keep Mzansi entertained. However, in the backdrop of his exit, we can all agree that Diep City hasn’t been the same.

However, of interest is that in the wake of his Fistos character, the actor has starred in Rhythm City, Generations and Lock Out. The celebrated actor started his character with theatre plays like those before him. To furnish his craze of acting, he enrolled on Kasi theatre productions.

Fistos from Diep City ‘Mzikayise Makroti’ (Source Instagram)

The 46-year old actor was born on 25 September 1975 in Kagiso, Gauteng Province, South Africa. It is a shocker to many that the celebrated actor is a jack of all trades and master of all.

Did you know Fistos from Diep City ‘Mzikayise Makroti’ is a CEO in real life?

He is a Chief Executive Officer in real life. Well, Mzikayise Makroti happens to be one of the co-founders of West Rand Singers.

Apart from that, he doubles as the CEO of one of the most prominent Artist Management organizations in the East Rand and Gauteng province at large. He also co-founded the Kagiso Artist Management Centre with Nomakhosi Matamela. The centre manages artists and grooms them for small screens.

It offers a platform for one to showcase their talent. However, one of its core values is to empower upcoming actors by providing them with a platform to be known.

The organization had been growing since its launch a few years ago. As of 2021, it has a membership of more than 60 actors under the mentorship of Mzikayise. Hopefully, big names will come out from KAM like the Market Theatre.

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