In Pictures: Entangled actor ‘Julius’ Vuyo Dabula set to star in Netflix blockbuster

Vuyo Dabula

In Pictures, Entangled actor ‘Julius’ Vuyo Dabula is set to star in the Netflix blockbuster.

Vuyo has been known for taking on the roles of villains and gangsters with ease, and he is good with action thrillers. The actor is famous for his role as Gadaffi in Generations The Legacy. Since then, he has been making his mark in Entangled, playing a man in a love triangle. However, Netflix has recently announced that Dabula will take on the lead role in an upcoming action blockbuster on its streaming services.

According to Netflix, the movie is called Collision, and it’s an action film that is set to premiere on June 16th on the streaming service. The trailer will be released in time, but the movie is about a man racing against time to save his family. The film is directed by Fabien Martorell, a multi-award-winning director based in Los Angeles.

Vuyo Dabula in Collision-Image Source(Instagram/Vuyo Dabula)

Vuyo Dabula stars in a Netflix movie called Collision

The movie’s cast is nothing short of star-studded, to say the least. It features some of the most amazing actors in the industry. Vuyo Dabula will take on the lead role in this movie, and he will work with Zoey Sneedon, who is debuting her career in this film. Siphesihle Vazi, in The Queen, is also part of the cast together with Bonko Khoza, who plays Mqhele in The Wife. HBO Warrior actor Langley Kirkwood also joins this cast holding one of the significant roles.

Vuyo Dabula-Image Source(Instagram/Vuyo Dabula)

Dabula is no stranger to being a star in action films as he was the star of Shaft 6 in 2021, and he enjoyed the role. Recently he has been making his mark in a romantic series with his role as Julius in Entangled while Phuti Khomo played his love interest. After many years, the actor left Generations: The Legacy when he asked for a salary increment, and they denied him one.

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