In Pictures: Did you know that Belinda from Muvhango is older than Mulalo in real life?

Tebogo Thobejane and Sydney Ramakuela-Image Source(Instagram)

Sydney Ramakuela, who plays Mulalo Mukwevho in the SABC2 drama series’ character, has had a rough year. Love and relationships have shown him fire, but he still does not give up. These past days he has been finding himself falling for a businesswoman called Belinda, a role played by Tebogo Thobejane. Belinda from Muvhango is older than Mulalo in real life, though.

After their first date, Belinda tells Mulalo that she does not think they are compatible because of her insecurities and baggage. Mulalo, who had already invested so much hope in this relationship, got angry, but the next day he was pacified. Belinda, who calls him for dinner, explains all her fears, and the lovebirds rekindle their romance. The next day while he is still floating on cloud nine, Mulalo is shown a video that painted Belinda as a gold digger.

Belinda from Muvhango-Image Source(Instagram)
Belinda from Muvhango-Image Source(Instagram)

Even though the video was posted by Belinda’s abusive ex, who didn’t want to see her moving on with someone else, Mulalo did not believe his girlfriend. A heartbroken Belinda tries, by all means, to save her relationship to the extent of visiting the royal house. Everyone except Susan is not willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Mulalo and Belinda from Muvhango’s ages in real life

However, Tebogo is a businesswoman in real life, mainly when not acting. She is a motivational speaker and the CEO of Bofabelts. The company sells health and fitness garments like waist trainers and hip lifters. She is growing her business for it to be sold all over Africa.

Sydney Ramakuela-Image Source(Instagram)
Sydney Ramakuela-Image Source(Instagram)

Sydney Ramakuela, who plays Mulalo, is a Voice over artist and an MC for events when he is not acting. He is a loving father to one daughter who he is not shy to show off all over his social media account. He had a rough childhood, but that’s a story for another day.

Tebogo is 38 years old at the moment and has a teenage son. Sydney Ramakaula is only thirty-three years old. Fans would never have guessed this by only looking at the actors, and that may be because Tebogo has a young-looking face. She is one of the many women in the industry that hardly show that they are ageing.

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