In Pictures: Asanda from Gomora ‘Bukiwe Keva’s real age surprises viewers

Bukiwe Keva Asanda from Gomora

Gomora actress Bukiwe Keva is stealing a lot of hearts with her role as Asanda on Gomora. Bukiwe is popularly known for her role on Gomora as Asanda. She was introduced to fame through the hit series. She has been doing incredibly well for herself and seems to be enjoying the spotlight, and her acting keeps on getting better episode by episode. Viewers have been asking about Asanda’s age, given she plays as a learner in the show as she looks young.

Bukiwe Keva as Asanda on Gomora

The character she portrays on the show is nothing like her in real life. Asanda is a teenage girl who is still in high school. She seems so young on the show, and because she is petite, people are more convinced she’s a teenager in real life. Asanda is a typical high school girl who faces many challenges, just like any high school girl. They take us through the troubles of being a young girl in this day and age through her, especially with so much pressure from the internet telling youngsters what is cool.

Bukiwe Keva (far right) with some of the Gomora cast

Bukiwe was not famous before Gomora; this is her first professional TV role. Gomora is one of the most-watched shows on the DSTV catalogue, so it did not come as a surprise when her social media following increased immensely right after joining the show. Gomora has a unique storyline which is why South Africans love it so much. It is not far fetched, and it deals with issues we face daily. For Bukiwe to be part of such great storytelling was undoubtedly a career booster for her, and not only that, but she gets to learn a lot from people who have been in the industry for a long time.

Bukiwe Keva’s real age surprises Gomora viewers

As much as Bukiwe looks like she is 17, she is not a teenager in real life. She is 27 years. Her age came as a shock to many of her fans, and she looks so young. She doesn’t look a day over 20. But Bukiwe even has a son.Her son is about eight years old to date, and they have such a healthy and cute relationship. Bukiwe is always embracing him on the Instagram page.

More pictures of Bukiwe Keva

Bukiwe Keva



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