In Pictures: A look at Leleti Khumalo ‘Mazulu’ from Imbewu-The Seed’s business empire

Leleti Khumalo's business empire-Image Source(Instagram)

A look at Leleti Khumalo ‘Mazulu’ from Imbewu-The Seed’s business empire

This veteran actress is known worldwide for her role in Sarafina as the title character. The movie that she auditioned for in 1985 when she was only 15 became an international blockbuster after it was released in 1992. Her debut role launched her as a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

Leleti Khumalo as Sarafina-Image Source(Instagram)

Leleti showed interest in the entertainment industry at a very young age. She joined a youth dance group that Tu Nokwe mentored called Amajika. At first, she auditioned for the musical version of Sarafina. Mbongeni Ngema, who wrote the musical, created the role specifically for her. Mbongeni married Leleti later in life. The film version of Sarafina saw her working with International stars like Whoopi Goldberg and John Kani.

Leleti Khumalo in Uzalo-Image Source(Instagram)

Her career in filmography did not stop there. She landed roles in Hotel Rwanda, Yesterday and Winnie Mandela, only to mention a few. Mzansi soapville have also had a slice of Leleti Khumalo’s talent. Soapies like Generations, Uzalo and Imbewu-The Seed cast Leleti in their productions.

Apart from acting, Leleti is also a singer. She has worked on songs with the likes of Miriam Makeba, and Leleti recorded songs like Thank you mama and Vuma Dlozi lami. Schools invite Leleti to talk to today’s youth as she was an inspiration to many children for playing the brave Sarafina.

Leleti Khumalo ‘Mazulu’ from Imbewu-The Seed’s net worth

Leleti Khumalo and Imbewu cast-Image Source(Instagram)

Currently, Leleti is playing the role of Mazulu, who has children with her husband’s brother. She is the force that keeps her family together, which comes at a price as her dead husband had a lot of secrets and the worst baby mamas that one could pick. Leleti’s net worth is an estimated $1 million, with most of her earnings coming from her acting career.

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