I love you: Lesedi Matsunyane Ferguson pens a heartfelt message to her dad Neo Matsunyane as he celebrates his 56th birthday

Lesedi Matsunyane pens a heartfelt message to her dad Neo Matsunyane

Lesedi Matsunyane pens a heartfelt message to her dad Neo Matsunyane as he celebrates his 56th birthday. Lesedi is the first daughter of Neo Matsunyane and Connie Ferguson. Connie had Lesedi before marrying the late powerhouse actor Shona Ferguson.

Although Lesedi was raised by her stepdad Shona and Connie, she has a great relationship with her biological father, Neo. She shared pictures and videos of Neo on her Instagram timeline, complimented with an emotional birthday message. Taking to Instagram, Lesedi wrote:

If you ever wondered about my dramatics, just take a look at this guy, mmkay? @neommats17

To the craziest, most energetic, resilient man I’ve ever known. To Happy 56th birthday Padre. I love you so much and I’m overjoyed to witness your metamorphosis in real time. I can’t wait for everyone to see… All love. Always and forever mi Padre ♥️🖤🤍

Neo Matsunyane
Neo Matsunyane: Image source @Instagram
Mzansi came to Lesedi’s post and wished Neo a happy birthday, with others making about the whereabouts of Neo.
Sedi the Masilo genes toooo weak😂😂ausie Connie was just a cargo carrier😅even Ro..in Matsu side❤️❤️.
But wy did you stop acting Mr Neo we miss you on our screens

Get to know Neo Matsunyane

Neo Matsunyane was born in Johannesburg on January 17 1967. He is undoubtedly one of the most respected veterans in the South African movie industry. Having been in the industry for more than four decades, Neo is acknowledged for his direct involvement in South African classics like 7 De Laan, Kelebone and Generations. Matsunyane has constructed a thriving business empire in the media world, from being an actor to movie directing.
Neo Matsunyane
Neo Matsunyane: Image source @Instagram
Although his fame was generated from his professional achievements, Neo also received public attention for his romantic life, particularly his fleeting marriage to fellow industry actress Connie Ferguson. Neo was Connie’s first husband, and the couple bore a daughter.
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