“I don’t need to use muthi on him either,” Gogo Maweni opens up on SK Khoza’s child support drama 

Gogo Maweni and The Queen actor SK Khoza - Source:@viraltrends

“I don’t need to use muthi on him either,” Gogo Maweni opens up on SK Khoza’s child support drama. The catfight still goes on. Controversial Sangoma Gogo Maweni is taking her baby daddy, actor Sthembiso ‘SK’ Khoza, to the courts again. She has reportedly lawyered up after alleging that SK is still defaulting child maintenance payments for their child.

In recent years, Gogo Maweni has alleged that SK Khoza has not financially supported their child. The two have often trended for the same case, and it seems as if Gogo Maweni wants Khoza to play his father-figure role despite their fallout. However, it comes as a shocker since SK Khoza happens to be the darling of small screens and has been winning big thanks to his unmatched acting flair that has thrust him among some of Mzansi’s finest actors.

Sangoma Gogo Maweni gets a Queen welcome by Limpopo elders, singing songs and dances
Gogo Maweni – Image Credit: instagram.com/dr_maweni/

Maweni said she could support their child alone, just like she has been doing for years, but she wants Khoza to be in the picture for their son. In the mix of things, Maweni even prides herself on someone who is not new to money and therefore is not new to the high life and does not need SK’s money or fame.

Gogo Maweni opens up on SK Khoza’s child support drama

Many have said she is better, but she has rubbished the claims in recent years. After all, she is married and has several kids despite being from different relationships and marriages. She said she is well off and has three houses, several cats and businesses, which she bought using cash. Maweni said she could afford her lifestyle, but that does not give SK the free pass not to support their child. With SK’s highly anticipated return to productions, she reckons it is time for him to be a dad.

“He’s got a job now, he must pay,” she revealed.

Gogo Maweni and her children
Gogo Maweni and her children: Image Credit @Instagram

Maweni further stated that she would be in talks with her lawyer and would not take him to maintenance court.

“…I’ll deal with him legally. I don’t need to use muthi on him either, the law must take its course to make sure that he plays his part as a parent,” she added.

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