How did Somizi Mhlongo get so famous and where does his money come from?

How did Somizi Mhlongo get so famous and where does his money come from?

Idols SA’s senior judge Somizi Mhlongo is arguably one of the most famous celebs in Mzansi, and this has left fans asking where he gets his money. Many young generations get to know Somizi as an established celeb and still question how he gets so much money. Some are not sure how one of their favourite celebs became famous.

In the past years, Somgaga had been in many events, shows and programs that made him a part of the top. He became the nation’s talk, and his name is known even by the young and the old. His performance at the opening ceremony of the 2010 World Cup epitomized his fame. He went on into one of the most popular and scandalous relationships with Mohale Moutang. 

In doing so, Somizi boasts a big bank account full of money. He owns many mansions around Mzansi’s top cities and a fleet of top-class luxurious cars like Bentleys and Range Rovers. Without digging much into Somizi, the person, here is a detailed report on where he gets his money and how he rose to fame.

How did Somizi Mhlongo get so famous and where does his money come from?
Somizi – Image Credit: Instagram/Somizi

What made Somizi Mhlongo famous

The forty-nine-year-old television presenter started acting when he was still 13 years when he featured in the film Scavengers in 1987. That’s when Mzansi began to know him as a kid before establishing himself in the acting industry. His acting was epitomized when he performed in a musical and political film Sarafina. That’s when he became so famous in Mzansi and beyond.

He as well developed his presenting career as he went on to co-host the South African Music Awards for three consecutive years. In 2010, Somizi choreographed the opening, and closing ceremonies of the 2021 FIFA World Cup, giving him so much fame. In 2020, he co-hosted the KZN Entertainment Awards 2020 with Pearl Thusi; these events helped grow his fame. He also became a constant name on the radio.

Where does Somizi Mhlongo get so much money?

Somizi showed off his expensive cars and houses at several events and occasions. This has left many fans wondering where all the money comes from. We can all agree that Somizi makes a lot of money from his acting, Idols SA and choreography, but there are more than businesses that Somizi owns.

Sompire Kids

Somizi owns a kid’s line that he started soon after the Covid-19 lockdown. Speaking of the new venture, he said

It’s been over a year working on this…and I have faith that parents are going to love this #sompirekids launching very soon

Tourism and Hospitality

Well-travelled Somizi has a tourism and hospitality business in Mauritius, which he co-owns with an Angolan business person. Together they own a group of self-catering hotels with private beaches and a fleet of boats. In 2022, Somizi is valued at R81 million; he is tipped to make history with the launch of the much anticipated Sompire Kids.

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