House Of Zwide Teasers on 7 October 2022 : Mampho decides to be proactive about Shoki

Mampho becomes proactive about Shoki

In tonight’s episode, Mampho decides to be proactive about Shoki. Mampho and Shoki have been eyeing the position of being the face of the House Of Zwide. Shoki and Mampho both made it to the shortlist, but Mampho wants to play dirty. When she was a House Of Zwide intern and she tried her best to stay at the top even when it was immoral. In tonight’s episode, viewers see Mampho creating a strategy to eliminate Shoki and get the position she wants. Mampho plays dirty and sabotage is a big part of her plan.

Molefe fights with customer
Molefe fights with customers. Image: FB/House of Zwide

Molefe will have a disagreement with a customer in his Chisanyama. Out of anger, he will chase the customer away because he thinks he doesn’t need him. When Soka sees Molefe chasing the customer away, he reminds him how business person conducts themselves.

Molefe will question if his Chisanyama is a reputable business worth his time. He has ambitions of being rich, but his Chisanyama business seems to keep him in one place. His finances don’t allow him to be the man he wants to be to Dorothy.

Nkosi and Dorothy discuss Molefe
Nkosi and Dorothy discuss Molefe. Image: FB/House Of Zwide

In the Zwide mansion, Nkosi will have a meaningful conversation with Dorothy about Molefe. Nkosi will express his thoughts and feelings about Molefe as a lifelong partner to Dorothy. He will advise her that Molefe is not ambitious enough and not worthy of her time.

Dorothy will tell Nkosi that she loves Molefe and believes he can become a better man. Nkosi’s words will hit her deep, and she will reconsider being in her relationship.


Lazarus and Zanele debate
Lazarus and Zanele debate over the new face of HOZ. Image: FB/House Of Zwide

In the House Of Zwide fashion house, Zanele and Lazarus will have a debate over who they think will win between Shoki and Mampho. Lazarus has a lot of faith in Shoki, but Zanele thinks Mampho will take the title and become the face of the House Of Zwide. In the previous episode, Zanele gave Mampho a lot of pointers to winning the spot. Mampho knows what she has to do to get on top. Lazarus and Zanele are convinced about their opinions and believe in the girl they hold thumbs for.

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