House of Zwide: Funani might be lenient on Faith and Zanele and Sandile could be starting something

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Funani might be lenient on Faith, Zanele and Sandile could be starting something. Since Faith got a bit mentally ill after seeing Busi’s ghost, the woman she killed, Zanele has not been okay. Nkosi refuses to speak to her, and their sibling bond is gone. Her father is ignoring Faith, and it’s killing her seeing him so unstable.

In tonight’s episode, Zanele will ask Sandile to chill and be friends again. What she means about this friendship, however, is that the two rekindle their sneaky link relationship. She will later start introducing the idea from a broader perspective and include words like ‘spending the night together.’

Londeka Mchunu as Zanele on House of Zwide
Londeka Mchunu as Zanele on House of Zwide-Image Source(Instagram/SoapiesBestScenes)

Funani and Rea were absolutely in shock when they discovered Issac and Faith’s evil deeds. Also, they built a little friendship to cope with their partner’s atrocities. Funani will discover that Rea and Isaac have been maintaining contact, and he will feel betrayed and lash out at Rea.

After Zanele pleaded with her stepfather Funani to go and see her mother Faith, her words went straight into his heart. In tonight’s episode, he will indeed go and see Faith. When he arrives at her bedside, he will see how delusional she is in her sleep.

When she wakes up, Funani will speak to her, and she will seem calmer. He has a proposal that can punish her either than the way she is suffering now. He will propose to Faith a mysterious deal on her future punishment for all her wrongdoings.

Sandile has been very hush-hush about his new job. Despite meeting Ona and Soka, he hasn’t told Ona or anyone else. Seeing that he will be close to Zanele again, Sandile will tell her about his new employment as it is nothing he can keep from her for too long.

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