“He must rest” Mzansi not impressed by Big Xhosa’s new song

Big Xhosa announces release date of his long awaited EP

Following the release of his highly anticipated hit single “Again,” Big Xhosa has gained much attention. The new song “Again” by Big Xhosa is currently trending again. Controversial blogger Musa Khawula shared the gorgeous artwork for Again on Twitter. South Africans told the artist to take a break this time after hearing Big Xhosa’s derogatory track.

In the viral video, Big Xhosa can be heard and seen criticizing other South African rappers without naming them. This comes after Big Zulu’s 150 Bars diss track brought Mzansi hip-hop’s dissing tradition back to life. Residents of Mzansi have commented on the video on Musa Khawula. Despite the common misconception that Big Xhosa is a failure who only cared about power, some video viewers were impressed with his rapping and delivery. But most people are still steadfastly unconvinced and just not impressed by what the rapper is saying.

@silas said: “Compared to Cassper Nyovest and LucasRaps, this man is a better rapper. I’m not sure why they despise him, but they’re praising Big Zulu for what Big Xhosa is doing.

Big Xhosa impresses Mzansi with a freestyle on Sway
Big Xhosa. Image Credit: Instagram/Big Xhosa

@Karabo wrote: “Someone, please check on Nota; I know he’s talking about him: when he says he knows a man who lost his wife online.”

@Saphulelo shared: “Although this rapping style is terrible, he is far superior to 90% of South African hip-hop artists. He should try something else.”

@tripledotkelo posted:” I get the impression that he’s speaking directly to me when he says, “This is for everybody who thought I was a joke,” because I still believe that he is.”

@AbutRay replied: “Homie, you better rest now.”

@SirDavidDashe commented: “And we have to pay for that? That’s not it.”

Big Xhosa impresses Mzansi with a freestyle on Sway
Big Xhosa impresses Mzansi with a freestyle on Sway. Image Credit: Youtube/Big Xhosa

@Tinomane wrote: “He is a talented and good rapper; all he needs is to be shaped and set on the right course before he wastes his ability.”

@therealxolo commented: “To be honest, Big Xhosa is not talented.”

@TheMopadion also shared: This young man can rap, but he needs to change his delivery. I believe South Africans will give him a chance.

@Ndingu_Nantsika also posted: “This is why nobody is signing him, though!

Big Xhosa gained notoriety by releasing songs that were derogatory to other rappers. However, his supporters are sick of this strategy and appear to want him to try something new rather than continue to insult other rappers. But it seems he is not changing his approach to entertainment, this is his brand and what he is known for.

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