He Looks Older: Generations The Legacy actor Kabisi Moroka’s age shocks Mzansi

Kabisi Moroka

He Looks Older: Generations The legacy actor Kabisi Moroka’s age shocks Mzansi.

Actor Mpho J Molepo is known for playing the role of Kabisi Moroka on Generations The Legacy. The Kabisi role is the guardian and the leader of the wealthy and powerful Moroka empire; he rose into power after succeeding Molefe Moroka.

Over the storyline, Kabisi fought hard to preserve the Moroka name; his major setback was the failure to appoint a Moroka heir. From failing to convince the lawful heir Mazwi Moroka to take the reigns to witness Smangaliso Moroka taking a hiding from family affairs, Kabisi’s desperation saw him offering the Moroka heir to Mpho.

His great undoing came the moment he fell for and wedded Tshidi; betrayal and emotional blackmail became his daily bread. Despite playing the role of an elder family leader, the custodian of the Moroka clan’s financial and traditional values, Mpho J Molepo is much younger than Kabisi Moroka.

Kabisi Moroka
Kabisi Moroka: Image Credit @Instagram

Born on 28 November 1973, Mpho J Molepo is 48 years old; he is qualified with a Bachelor of Arts Honors Degree in Drama and Live Performance from Wits University School of Arts.

Despite playing so many short stories and dramas, he made his first breakthrough after landing a role on Isidingo back in 1999. Over the years, he has played roles on Skeem Saam, Zabalaza, The LAB and Backstage. Besides acting, Mpho has a keen interest in film directing and has worked on several theatre productions, including Mating Birds, Play Me, and the Award-winning play Skierlik.

In real life, he is the father of one daughter Dimpho Molepo. Compared to his Generations: The Legacy age of 65-year-old family guard, Mpho J Molepo, is 48 and still enjoys the youthful life of partying. Offset, he is best friends with ex Generations The Legacy cast member actor Rapulana Seiphemo who played the role of Tau Mogale.

Kabisi Moroka
Kabisi Moroka hangs out with Rapulana Seiphemo: Image Credit @Instagram

He describes himself as a keen storyteller interested in giving back to the community; he frequents the Gauteng Youth Safety camp, where he is hands-on in rehabilitating ex-convicts and substance abusers.

Kabisi is often confused with Mpho Molepo, who is known for playing the role of Fats on Rhythm City. The two revealed that they are not related in any way but are industry brothers who have respect for each other’s craft.

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